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(Ő) átszáll (egyik vonatból a másikba).
She changes (from one train to the other). / She boards (from one train onto the other).
(Ő) becsomagol.
He packs his bags. / He packs his luggage. [single-word verb]
(Ő) bekapcsol (valamit).
She switches (something) on. / She turns (something) on.
(Ő) bemutatkozik.
He introduces himself.
(Ő) dohányzik.
She smokes.
(Én) dohányoztam.
I smoked.
(Ő) edz.
He trains. / He is in training.
(Ő) edz (valakit).
She trains (someone). / She coaches (someone).
(Ő) elbeszélget.
He chats. / He converses. / He talks. [e...]
(Ő) elkísér (valakit).
She accompanies (someone). / She escorts (someone). / She sees to (someone).
(Ő) felhajt (valahova).
He drives up (to somewhere). / He rides up (to somewhere). [...h...]
(Ő) hátranéz.
She looks back. [single-word verb, h...]
(Ő) illik (valamit csinálni).
It is proper (to do something).
(Ő) integet.
He waves.
(Ő) jelentkezik (valamire).
She signs up (for something). / She enrolls (in something).
(Ő) jut (valahova).
He reaches (somewhere). [2...t]
(Ő) kell (csinálni valamit).
It is necessary (to do something). / One must (do something).
(Ő) kijelent (valamit).
She states (something). / She declares (something). [8...]
(Ő) kitakarít (valamit).
He cleans (something). / He tidies up (something). [k...]
(Ő) lefordít (a mondatot angolról magyarra).
She translates (the sentence from English to Hungarian).
(Ő) lehet (valamit csinálni).
He can (do something). / He may (do something).
(Ő) megcsókol (valakit).
She kisses (someone). [m...]
(Ő) megfürdik.
He has a bath. / He takes a bath. / He bathes himself. [m...]
(Ő) megjavít (valamit).
She mends (something). / She repairs (something). [m...]
(Ő) megtesz (valakinek valamit).
He does [...t...] (something for someone).
(Ő) megtetszik (valakinek).
She catches the fancy (of someone). / She is attractive (to someone). [single-word verb, m...]
(Ő) rámosolyog (valakire).
He smiles (at someone). [r...]
(Ő) tart (valakinek valakit).
She considers (someone as someone). / She considers (someone to be someone).
(Ő) üldögél.
He sits around. / He sits about.
(Ő) vigyáz (valamire).
She takes care (of something). / She guards (something). / She protects (something). [v...]
(Ő) visszaköszön (valakinek).
He returns a greeting (to someone). [single-word verb]
(Ő) zavar (valakit).
She disturbs (someone).
(az) álom
(the) dream
(az) álmok
(the) dreams
(a) bár
(the) bar [drinking establishment]
(a) bárja
her bar [drinking establishment]
(a) drámaíró
(the) playwright
(az) ész
(the) brain, (the) mind
(az) eszet
(the) brain, (the) mind [ACCUSATIVE]
(a) foglalkozás
(the) profession
(a) fordító
(the) translator
(a) gól
(the) goal [sports]
(a) hallgató
(the) student [at university, h...]
(a) kertmozi
(the) open air cinema
(a) kor
(the) age, (the) era
(a) magnetofon
(the) tape-recorder
(a) magnetofonja
his tape-recorder
(az) ötlet
(the) idea
(a) piac
(the) market
(a) rózsa
(the) rose
(a) rózsakert
(the) rose-garden
(a) rózsakertje
her rose-garden
(a) sétány
(the) promenade
(a) sportuszoda
(the) swimming pool [for sports]
(a) szakács
(the) cook, (the) chef
(a) tanács
(the) advice
(a) tánc
(the) dance
(a) tekercs
(the) roll, (the) scroll; (the) coil; (the) spool
(a) tölgy
(the) oak
(a) tölgyek
(the) oaks
(a) válasz
(the) answer [...z]
(a) vélemény
(the) opinion
of or related to university
former, previous
worthy, worthwhile
superfluous, redundant
calm, relaxed
clever, smart [o...]
szabad (valamit csinálni)
allowed (to do something), permitted (to do something), free (to do something)
full of genius, brilliant [...n...]
Szentivánéji álom
A Midsummer Night's Dream
(Ő) eszébe jut (valakinek).
It comes to the mind (of someone). / It occurs (to someone).
Hogy hívják?
What is she called? / What do they call her?
Ez így ment.
It went on like this.
(az) öregkor
(the) old age
A kiállításra tetszik menni?
Are you going to the exhibition? / "Is going to the exhibition pleasing?"
in advance
suddenly, all of a sudden
(at) that time, then; in such case [i...]
a közelben
in the vicinity, nearby [PREP. PHRASE]
(a) másnap
(the) next day
by all means, anyway, at any rate [...n]
because, since [...l]
soon [...a]
inside there [single word]
(László) szerint
according to (Laszlo), in (Laszlo's) opinion
last year [ADV]
a többi (szoba)
the other [t...] (room) / the other [t...] (rooms)
a többiek
the others [t...] / the other ones [t...]
afterwards, subsequently [not in advance, ...g]