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(Ő) bemond (valamit).
She announces (something).
(Ő) elindít (valamit).
He starts [6...t] (something).
(Ő) elmúlik (az idő).
(Time) passes. / (Time) goes by.
Az emlék elmúlik.
The memory fades away [...m...]. / The memory vanishes [...m...].
(Ő) előrefut.
She runs ahead. [...f...]
(Ő) előz (valamit).
He overtakes (something). / He passes (something).
(Ő) elvesz (valamit valakitől).
She takes (something) away (from someone).
(Ő) győz.
He wins.
(Ő) fest (valamit).
She paints (something).
(Ő) hagy (valakit valamit csinálni).
He lets (someone do something). / He gives (someone) leave (to do something). [single-word verb, 4...]
(Ő) használ (valakinek).
It is useful (to/for someone). / It helps (someone). [single-word verb]
(Ő) hűt (valamit).
She cools (something). / She makes (something) cold. [single-word verb]
(Ő) kikiált (valakinek valahova).
He cries out (to someone somewhere). [6...t]
(Ő) lehűt (valamit).
He cools (something) down.
(Ő) közvetít (valamit).
She broadcasts (something).
(Ő) lead (valamit).
He passes (something) down. / He hands (something) down. / He turns (something) in. / He drops (something) off.
(Ő) megbocsát (valakinek valamit).
She forgives (someone something). / She forgives (someone for something).
(Ő) megszerez (valamit).
He gets (something). / He obtains (something). [...sz...]
(Ő) nevez (valaminek valamit).
She names (something something). / She calls (something something).
(Ő) nyer (valamit).
He gains (something).
(Ő) rámegy (valakire).
She tackles (something).
(Ő) rohan.
He rushes. / He is in a rush. / He hurries. [...n]
(Ő) ront (valamit).
It spoils (something). [4...]
(Ő) sikerül (valakinek).
It turns out well (for someone). / It comes off (for someone).
Sikerül (valakinek valamit csinálni).
(Someone) manages (to do something). / (Someone) succeeds (in doing something). / (Doing something) turns out well (for someone).
(Ő) szerel (valakit).
She tackles (someone). / She takes the ball (from someone). [sports]
(Ő) szerez (valamit).
He obtains (something). [sz...]
(Ő) továbbad (valakinek valamit).
She passes (someone something). [t...]
(Ő) utánafut valakinek.
He runs after [...f...] someone.
(Ő) ver (valamit).
She defeats (something). / She beats (something). [3...]
(Ő) vigasztal (valakit).
He consoles (someone).
(az) alapvonal
(the) goal line
(az) alapvonalak
(the) goal lines
(az) átadás
(the) transmission, (the) delivery; (the) pass [sports, a...]
(a) bajnokság
(the) championship
(a) bíró
(the) referee [b...]
(a) csatár
(the) forward, (the) striker [sports]
(a) fejes
(the) header, (the) head-work [sports]
(a) félidő
half-time [sports]
(a) félideje
its half-time
(a) gyalogos
(the) pedestrian
(a) hallgató
(the) listener
(a) hátvéd
(the) back, (the) defender, (the) rear [sports, h...]
(a) hátvédje
his back, his defender, his rear [sports, h...]
(a) játékos
(the) player
(a) játékvezető
(the) referee [j...]
(a) játszótér
(the) playground
(a) játszóterek
(the) playgrounds
(a) jegyiroda
(the) booking office
(a) jobbhátvéd
(the) right back, (the) right defender, (the) right rear [sports, ...h...]
(a) kapu
(the) goal
(a) képeslap
(the) picture postcard
(a) képeslapja
her picture postcard
(a) középcsatár
(the) center-forward, (the) center-striker [sports]
(a) labdarúgó
(the) footballer, (the) soccer player [...o]
(a) labdarúgó-mérkőzés
(the) soccer match, (the) soccer meet [...és]
(a) leadás
(the) pass [soccer, l...]
(a) lendület
(the) pep, (the) drive, (the) verve, (the) elan
(a) mérkőzés
(the) meeting, (the) match [...és]
(a) sor
(the) row, (the) line
(a) szabálytalanság
(the) foul [sports]; (the) irregularlity
(a) szélső
(the) wing [soccer]
(a) szurkoló
(the) fan [sports]
(a) támadás
(the) attack
(a) tizenhatos
the sixteen yard line [single word]
(a) védelem
(the) defense
(a) védelmek
(the) defenses
(a) védő
(the) back, (the) defender, (the) rear [sports, v...]
(a) világbajnokság
(the) world cup
exciting, thrilling
kind, engaging, pleasant, hearty
to the inside [single word]
Go! / Onward!
(valakinek) a javára
to the advantage (of someone), in favor (of someone)
next time [ADV]
instantly, immediately, at once, promptly, right away, in (just) a minute [...t]
extraordinarily, extremely
more, several
(Ő) beáll a sorba.
She gets in line. / She joins the queue.
(Valakinek) melege van.
(Someone) feels warm.
Légy szíves.
Please. / Please be [sing., familiar] so kind. [l... ...]
3:1 az angol csapat javára
3-1 with the English team leading
(a) válogatott csapat
(the) representative team
(a) válogatott mérkőzés
(the) match [...és] of representative teams