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(Ő) befárad (valahova).
She goes in (somewhere). / She comes in (somewhere). / She steps in (somewhere). [emphasizes taking the trouble to do so]
(Ő) eláll.
It ceases. / It stops. [e...]
(Ő) elkezdődik.
It begins. / It starts. [e...9]
(Ő) elküld (valakit).
He sends (someone) away.
(Ő) elvégez (valamit).
She does (something). / She carries (something) out. / She finishes (something). [e...]
(Ő) fázik.
He is cold. [single-word verb]
(Ő) felszólít (valakit valamire).
She calls on (someone for something). / She calls upon (someone for something).
(Ő) foglal (valamit).
He occupies (something). / He books (something). [6...]
(Ő) gyógyít (valakit).
She cures (someone). [g...]
(Ő) haragszik (valakire).
He is angry (with someone). / He is cross (with someone) [single-word verb, ...k]
(Ő) haragud (valakire).
He is angry (with someone). / He is cross (with someone) [single-word verb, ...d]
(Ő) ígér (valakinek valamit).
She promises (someone something). [i...]
(Ő) igyekezik (valamit csinálni).
He endeavors (to do something). / He strives (to do something).
(Ő) javasol (valakinek valamit).
She suggests (something to someone).
(Ő) lekapcsol (valamit).
He switches (something) off. / He turns (something) off.
(Ő) létezik.
It exists.
(Ő) megenged (valakinek valamit).
She allows (someone something). [m...]
(Ő) megfog (valamit).
He catches (something). [6...]
(Ő) megfordul.
She turns back. / She turns around. [single-word verb]
(Ő) meghajol.
He bends. / He bows. [m...]
(Ő) meghálál (valakinek valamit).
He shows his gratitude (to someone for something). / He pays (someone) back (for something). [single-word verb]
(Ő) megígér (valakinek valamit).
She promises (somebody something). [m...]
(Ő) megismerkedik (valakivel).
She gets acquainted (with someone). [single-word verb, m...]
(Ő) megparancsol (valakinek valamit).
He orders (something to someone). / He commands (something to someone). [...p...]
(Ő) megtilt (valakinek valamit).
She forbids (someone something). [7...]
(Ő) megtud (valamit valamiről).
He finds (something) out (about something). / He realizes (something about something). [6...]
(Ő) megver (valakit).
She beats (someone). / She defeats (someone). / She wins against (someone). [6...]
(Ő) mozdul.
He moves. [m...]
(Ő) szétnéz (valahol).
She looks around (somewhere). [s...]
(Ő) tanácsol (valakinek valamit).
He advises (someone something).
(Ő) üzen (valakinek valamit).
She sends a message (of/about something to someone). [single-word verb]
(Ő) veszekedik (valakivel).
He quarrels (with someone).
(Ő) vizsgázik (valamiből).
She sits for an examination (over something). [single-word verb]
(az) alap
(the) basis; (the) claim; (the) foundation, (the) base
(az) alapja
his basis; his claim; his foundation, his base
(a) birtok
(the) estate
(a) bot
(the) stick
(a) botja
her stick
(a) farkas
(the) wolf
(a) fizetés
(the) payment, (the) salary
(a) földesúr
(the) landowner, (the) landlord
(a) földesurak
(the) landowners, (the) landlords
(a) gazda
(the) owner, (the) proprietor
(a) javulás
(the) betterment, (the) change for the better
(a) jogosítvány
(the) license; (the) driver's license
(a) katona
(the) soldier
(a) legény
(the) lad
(a) lúd
(the) goose
(a) ludak
(the) geese
(a) lúdja
his goose
(a) pár
(the) pair; (the) couple
(a) párja
her pair; her couple
(a) szabály
(the) rule; (the) formula
(a) távirat
(the) telegram
(a) törvény
(the) law, (the) statute
(az) üdvözlet
(the) greeting [...t]
(a) vámtiszt
(the) customs officer
(a) verés
(the) beating [repeated hitting or striking]
büszke (valamire)
proud (of something)
cruel, unkind
kind, friendly; charitable
of or related to traffic
regular, systematic, orderly, methodical [r...]
whole [...sz]
by all means, absolutely, definitely, unconditionally [...l]
(valamin) innen
this side of (something)
the same [single word]
Ugyanazt mondtam én is.
I said the same [same thing, single word].
(valamin) túl
beyond (something)
once, some time ago; sometime, someday [v...]
(valaminek) az alapján
on the basis of (something)
fele áron
at half-price
a Dunán innen, a Tiszán túl, ...
on this side of the Danube, beyond the Tisza, ...
amit az ember szeme-szája kíván
that which one's eye and stomach can wish
Fáradjon be!
Come in! [sing., formal]
Azzal (ő elszaladt).
(And) with that [...l] (she ran away [...sz...]). / And then [...l] (she ran away [...sz...]).
egyszer csak
once [... c...]
(Ő valakinek) a szeme közé néz.
She looks (someone) in the eye. / She looks into the eyes (of someone). / She looks (someone) in the face.
Áll a vásár.
The fair is being held.
(Ő) helyet foglal.
He takes a seat. / He takes a spot.
Eláll az eső.
The rain is stopping [e...].
(Ő) jól megver (valakit).
She gives (someone) a beating. [j... 6...]
Hurry up! [e...-...]
(az) esti mese
(the) bedtime story