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(Ő) él.
He lives [e...].
(Ő) működik.
It works. / It functions. / It operates.
(Ő) néz (valamire).
He looks (in the direction of something). / He looks (towards something). [3...]
(Ő) nyaral.
She is on summer holiday. / She has summer holidays. [single-word verb]
(Ő) találkozik (valakivel).
He meets (with somebody). / He is meeting (with someone).
(az) anyós
(the) mother-in-law
(az) apa
(the) father
(az) após
(the) father-in-law
(az) arc
(the) face
(a) barát
(the) friend
(a) barátja
his friend
(a) báty
(the) older brother
(a) bátyja
her older brother
(a) ceruza
(the) pencil [c...]
(a) cipő
(the) shoe
(a) család
(the) family
(a) családja
his family
(az) élet
(the) life
(a) feleség
(the) wife
(a) fénykép
(the) photograph [...p]
(a) férj
(the) husband
(a) fiú
(the) son [f...]
(a) fiam
my son
(a) fia
her son
(a) fürdőszoba
(the) bath, (the) bathroom
(a) haj
(the) hair
(a) hajak
(the) hairs
(a) húg
(the) younger sister
(a) kifli
(the) crescent, (the) croissant
(a) kisfiú
(the) son [k...]
(a) kislány
(the) daughter [k...]
(a) könyvtár
(the) library
(a) könyvtárak
(the) libraries
(a) központ
(the) center
(a) központja
its center
(a) lakás
(the) apartment
(a) macska
(the) cat
(a) meny
(the) daughter-in-law
(a) mozi
(the) cinema, (the) movie theater
(a) nagyanya
(the) grandmother
(a) nagyanyja
her grandmother
(a) nagyapa
(the) grandfather
(a) nagyapja
her grandfather
(a) nagybátya
(the) uncle
(a) nagybátyja
his uncle
(a) nagymama
(the) grandma [n...]
(a) nagynéni
(the) aunt
(a) nagynénem
my aunt
(a) nagynénje
her aunt
(a) nagyszülő
(the) grandparent
(a) név
(the) name
(a) nevek
(the) names
(a) nővér
(the) older sister
(az) öcs
(the) younger brother
(az) öcsém
my younger brother
(az) öccse
his younger brother
(a) posta
(the) post, (the) post office
(a) sógor
(the) brother-in-law
(a) sógornő
(the) sister-in-law
(a) szem
(the) eye
(a) színház
(the) theater
(a) színházak
(the) theaters
(a) szomszéd
(the) neighbor
(a) szomszédje
his neighbor
(a) szótár
(the) dictionary
(a) szótárak
(the) dictionaries
(a) szükség
(the) necessity, (the) need; (the) poverty, (the) want
(a) szülő
(the) parent
(a) szüleim
my parents
(a) találkozás
(the) meeting, (the) encounter [t...]
(a) tanár
(the) teacher
(a) televízió
(the) television
(a) testvér
(the) sibling
(az) újság
(the) news [...g]
(az) unoka
(the) grandchild
(az) unokahúg
(the) niece
(az) unokaöcs
(the) nephew
(az) unokaöccse
her nephew
(az) unokatestvér
(the) cousin [male or female]
(a) vezető
(the) head, (the) chief; (the) guide [v...]
(a) vő
(the) son-in-law
(a) veje
her son-in-law
pretty [c...]
comfortable; easy, cushy [9...]
light [weight]; easy, light [task] [6...]
hard, difficult [n...]
Azok nehezek.
Those are difficult [n...].
dirty [p...]
broad, wide
red [v...]
who? [not "ki?"]
Ki kicsoda?
Who's who? / Who is who?
at home
My darling!
(Én) kezét csókolom.
Good day. [lit.: "I kiss your hand," a rather obsolete greeting from a man to a woman]
Mi újság?
What's the news?
Rendben van.
All right.
With pleasure. [s..., a common response to "Please."]
Valakinek szüksége van valamire.
Someone is in need of something. / Someone needs something.