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(Ő) ad (valakinek valamit).
He gives (something to somebody).
(Ő) beenged (valakit valahova).
She lets (somebody) in (somewhere). / She permits (someone) into (somewhere) [single-word verb]
(Ő) csinál (valamit).
He makes (something). [c...]
(Ő) csodálkozik valamin.
She wonders about something.
(Ő) dob (valamit).
He throws (something).
(Ő) ért (valamit).
She understands (something).
(Ő) felhív (valakit).
He calls (someone). / He rings (someone) up.
(Én) felhívok (valakit).
I call (someone). / I ring (someone) up.
(Ő) felpróbál (valamit).
She tries (something) on.
(Ő) fizet (valamit).
He pays (something).
(Ő) hazaér.
She returns home. / She gets home. [single-word verb, h...]
(Ő) hív (valakit valahova).
He calls (someone to somewhere).
(Én) hívok (valakit valahova).
I call (someone to somewhere).
(Ő) hoz (valamit).
She brings [h...] (something).
(Ő) kap (valamit).
He gets [k...] (something).
(Ő) keres (valamit).
She searches for (something). / She looks for (something).
(Ő) kér (valamit valakitől).
He asks (something of someone). / He asks (someone for something). [k...]
(Ő) kerül (valamibe).
It costs (some amount).
(Ő) készít (valamit).
She makes (something). / She prepares (something). [k...5]
(Ő) küld (valamit valahova).
He sends (something somewhere).
(Ő) lát (valamit).
She sees (something).
(Ő) parancsol (valamit).
He commands (something). / He orders (something). [p...]
(Ő) süt (valamit).
She bakes (something). / She fries (something). / She roasts (something).
(Ő) szeret (valamit).
She likes (something).
(Ő) szeret (valakit).
He loves (someone).
(Ő) talál (valamit).
She finds [t...] (something).
(Ő) tesz (valamit valahova).
He puts [t...] (something somewhere).
(Ő) tol (valamit).
She pushes (something).
(Ő) tölt (valamit valamibe).
He pours [t...] (something into something).
(Ő) üt (valamit).
She strikes (something). / She beats (something). [2...]
(Ő) vásárol (valamit).
He buys [...l] (something).
(Ő) vásárol.
She goes shopping. / He does the shopping [single-word verb, v...].
(Ő) vesz (valamit).
He takes (something).
(Ő) vesz (valamit).
She buys [...z] (something).
(Ő) visz (valamit valahova).
She takes (something somewhere). [v...]
(a) barátnő
(the) girlfriend
(a) darab
(the) piece (of)
(a) darabja
her piece (of)
(a) dekagramm
(the) decagram
(a) doktor
(the) doctor [d...]
(az) élelmiszer
(the) food, (the) provisions [el...]
(az) ennivaló
(the) food [e...o]
(a) hús
(the) meat
(az) igazgató
(the) director, (the) head [of a firm, i...]
(az) ital
(the) drink
(a) jonatánalma
(the) Jonathan apple
(a) kávé
(the) coffee
(a) kenyér
(the) bread
(a) kenyerek
(the) breads
(a) kerékpár
(the) bicycle [k...]
(a) kilogramm
(the) kilogram
(a) kosztüm
(the) suit [for women]
(a) kosztümök
(the) suits [for women]
(a) kosztümje
her suit [for women]
(a) közért
(the) grocery store [k...]
(a) krumpli
(the) potato [k...]
(a) kulcs
(the) key
(a) levél
(the) letter [missive]
(a) levelek
(the) letters [missives]
(a) liter
(the) liter
(az) osztály
(the) department
(a) pult
(the) counter; (the) desk
(a) pultja
its counter; its desk / her counter; her desk
(a) rend
(the) tidiness, (the) order
(a) rendje
its tidiness, its order
(a) rokon
(the) relative, (the) family member
(a) ruhaüzlet
(the) clothing store, (the) dress shop [...u...]
(a) sajt
(the) cheese
(a) füstölt sajt
(the) smoked cheese
(a) sonka
(the) ham
(a) sör
(the) beer
(a) sütemény
(the) cakes, (the) pastries
(a) szalámi
(the) salami
(a) szoknya
(the) skirt
(a) szőlő
(the) grape
(a) tál
(the) dish, (the) bowl
(a) talak
(the) dishes, (the) bowls
(a) tej
(the) milk
(a) vaj
(the) butter
(a) zsemle
(the) roll
purple, violet [ADJ]
technical [m...]
woman's, of or related to women
dark blue
(valamilyen) színű
colored (in some way)
last, ultimate
even, just, at this very moment
éppen akkor
even then
well, well then; then; and; but [h...]
such, of this kind
at home; here at home
other, different [...s]
of course [p...]
Hát persze.
Of course. / Well, of course.
At your service. / Here you are. [when handing something to someone]
Mennyibe kerül?
How much does it cost?
Egy fecske nem csinál nyarat.
One swallow does not make a summer.
Gyakorlat teszi a mestert.
Practice makes perfect.
Kivétel erősíti a szabályt.
The exception proves the rule.