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factum, factī
deed, act, exploit, achievement n.
oculus, oculī
eye m.
saxum, saxī
rock, stone, cliff n.
terra, terrae
land, earth f.
verbum, verbī
word n.
vēlum, vēlī
sail n.
via, viae
road, way f.
ambulō, ambulāre, ambulāvī. ambulātūrus
to walk
errō, errāre, erraāvī, errātus
to wander, err
festīnō, festīnāre, festīnāvī, festīnātus
to hurry, hasten
habitō, habitāre
to live
nāvigō, nāvigāre, nāvigāvī, nāvigātus
to sail, sail over (across), navigate
sedeō, sedēre, sēdī, sessūrus
to sit
easily (adverb)
not (adverb)
often (adverb)
always (adverb)
finally (adverb)
then, at that time, next (adverb)
ā, ab (+ abl.)
away from (preposition)
ad ( + acc.)
to, toward (preposition)
ē, ex (+ abl.)
out of, from (preposition)
in (+ abl.)
in, on
in (+acc.)
into, onto, against (preposition)
post (+ acc.)
behind, after (preposition)
prō (+abl.)
in front of, on behalf of, instead of (preposition)
trans (+ acc.)
across, beyond (preposition)