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Chapter 5 Vocabulary

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cūra, cūrae
care, anxiety f.
exemplum, exemplī
example, model n.
sapientia, sapientiae
wisdom f.
terra, terrae
land, earth, soil, country f.
iactō, iactāre, iactāvī, iactātus
to throw
sume, esse, fuī, futūrus
to be, exist
aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, weak (adjective)
altus, alta, altum
high, deep (adjective)
bonus, bona, bonum
good (adjective)
dīvīnus, dīvīna, dīvīnum
divine, of the gods, prophetic (adjective)
līber, lībera, līberum
free (adjective)
longus, longa, longum
long (adjective)
magnus, magna, magnum
large, great (adjective)
malus, mala, malum
bad (adjective)
meus, mea, meum
my, mine (adjective)
multus, multa, multum
much, many (plural adjective)
noster, nostra, nostrum
our, ours (adjective)
parvus, parva, parvum
small (adjective)
prīmus, prīma, prīmum
first (adjective)
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum
beautiful, handsome, fine (adjective)
tuus, tua, tuum
you, yours, your own (singular adjective)
vester, vestra, vestrum
your, yours (plural adjective)
cum (+abl.)
with (preposition)
sub (+abl.)
under, beneath (preposition)
sub (+acc.)
to the foot/base of, along under (implying motion; preposition)
nec . . . nec
neither . . . nor
proprius, propria, proprium
one's own, permanent
caecus, caeca, caecum
blind (adjective)
cogitō, cogitāre
to think, ponder
here (adverb)
not (adverb)