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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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Nominative singular Animus
a spirit ____s
Genitive singular Animī
of a spirit
Dative singular Animō
to/for a spirit
Accusative singular Animum
___ ___s a spirit
Ablative singular Animō
(by, with, from) a spirit
Nominative plural Animī
spirits _____
Genitive plural Animōrum
of spirits
Dative plural Animīs
to/for spirits
Accusative plural Animōs
__ __s spirits
Ablative plural Animīs
(by, with, from) spirits
nātūra, nātūrae
nature f.
puer, puerī
boy m.
puella, puellae
girl f.
rēgnum, rēgnī
kingdom, royal power n.
vir, virī
man, occasionally husband m.
audeō, audēre, ausus sum
to dare
clāmō, clāmāre, clāmāvī, clāmātus
to shout
dubitō, dubitāre, dubitāvī, dubitātus
to hesitate, doubt
rīdeō, rīdēre, rīsī, rīsus
to laugh, laugh at
soleō, solēre, solitus sum
to be accustomed
et . . . et
both . . . and
and (formal)