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Nouns First Declension

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-a -ae -ae -am -ā
First declension singular pattern
-ae -ārum -īs -ās -īs
First declension plural pattern
Nominative singular Fēmina
a woman ____s
Genitive singular Fēminae
of a woman
Dative singular Fēminae
to/for a woman
Accusative singular Fēminam
__ __s a woman
Ablative singular Fēminā
(by, with, from) a woman
Nominative plural Fēminae
women ____
Genitive plural Fēminārum
of women
Dative plural Fēminīs
to/for women
Accusative plural Fēminās
__ __ women
Ablative plural Fēminīs
(by, with, from) women