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Nouns Second Declension: Masculine

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-us or -er -ī -ō -um -ō
Second declension: masculine singular pattern
-ī -ōrum -ōs -īs
Second declension: masculine plural pattern
Nominative singular Animus
a spirit ____s
Genitive singular Animī
of a spirit
Dative singular Animō
to/for a spirit
Accusative singular Animum
___ ___s a spirit
Ablative singular Animō
(by, with, from) a spirit
Nominative plural Animī
spirits _____
Genitive plural Animōrum
of spirits
Dative plural Animīs
to/for spirits
Accusative plural Animōs
__ __s spirits
Ablative plural Animīs
(by, with, from) spirits
Nominative singular Puer
a boy ____s
Genitive singular Puerī
of a boy
Dative singular Puerō
to/for a boy
Accusative singular Puerum
__ __s a boy
Ablative singular Puerō
(by, with, from) a boy
Nominative plural Puerī
boys ____
Genitive plural Puerōrum
of boys
Dative plural Puerīs
to/for boys
Accusative plural Puerōs
__ __s boys
Ablative plural Puerīs
(by, with, from) boys