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the permanent movement of people to a new location
push factor
economic, social, political, or environmental reason a person leaves their country or place of origin
pull factor
economic, social, political or environmental reason a person is attracted to a new country or area
forced migration
occurs when migrants have no choice but to move due to fear of death, war, natural disaster, or political violence
voluntary migration
occurs when migrants choose to leave their place of origin, usually for better economic opportunities
international migration
a permanent move from one country to another
internal migration
a permanent move within the same country
the irrational fear or prejudice against people from other countries
the irrational fear or prejudice against Islam and/or Muslims
Trail of Tears
forced migration of thousands of Cherokee in 1838 from the eastern US to the western US
Rwandan Genocide
mass genocide of Tutsis by a Hutu-majority government between April to July 1994, leading to the forced migration of millions out of Rwanda
Transatlantic Slave Trade
forced migration of Africans from West Africa to the Americas and Caribbean between the 16th and 19th centuries
Syrian Civil War
ongoing conflict starting in 2011 that has resulted in the forced migration of more than 5 million Syrians, mostly to neighboring countries and Europe
Irish Potato Famine
period of mass starvation in, and cause of migration from, Ireland between 1845 and 1852