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Agricultural Revolutions

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First Agricultural Revolution (AKA Neolithic Revolution)
invention of farming starting around 8000 BCE
Second Agricultural Revolution
started in 18th century Europe as the invention and introduction of basic machines for farming resulting in higher agricultural yields per acre
Third Agricultural Revolution (AKA Green Revolution)
diffusion of GMOs, high-yield seeds, and fertilizers to LDCs from MDCs starting in the 1960s
subsistence agriculture
farming in which crops are grown for direct consumption of a farmer, their family, or their community
market gardening
another term for truck farming
vegetative planting
earliest form of farming where new plants were produced by cutting stems or roots from existing plants
seed agriculture
farming that involves using the seeds of crops for planting rather than cutting stems or roots from existing plants
genetically modified organism (GMO)
foods or products whose DNA has been altered by receiving genes from another organism
practice of moving from place to place without creating permanent settlements
movement of human groups by following seasonal movement of animals
domestication and cultivation of plants and animals
fertile enough to farm
crop rotation
practice of growing different crops on the same plot of land to prevent nutrient depletion and retain soil fertility
man-made systems to water crops
commercial agriculture
farming in which crops are grown to be sold for profit or to markets