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dw i eisiau paned
I want a cuppa
dw i eisiau te
I want tea
dw i eisiau car newydd
I want a new car
dw i eisiau swydd newydd
I want a new job
wyt ti eisiau diod?
do you want a drink?
wyt ti eisiau paned?
do you want a cuppa?
wyt ti eisiau llaeth?
do you want milk?
wyt ti eisiau siwgr?
do you want sugar?
yes (I am/do)
nac ydw
no (I'm not/don't)
dw i ddim eisiau coffi
I don't want coffee
dw i ddim eisiau te gwyrdd
I don't want green tea
dw i ddim eisiau tŷ newydd
I don't want a new house
dw i ddim eisiau ffôn newydd
I don't want a new phone
'dyn ni eisiau dawnsio heno
we want to dance tonight
'dyn ni eisiau canu carioci heno
we want to sing karaoke tonight
'dyn ni eisiau smwddio heno
we want to iron tonight
'dyn ni eisiau gwneud y gwaith cartref heno
we want to do the homework tonight
dych chi eisiau dawnsio heno?
do you want to dance tonight?
dych chi eisiau canu carioci heno?
do you want to sing karaoke tonight?
dych chi eisiau smwddio heno?
do you want to iron tonight?
dych chi eisiau gwneud y gwaith cartre heno?
do you want to do the homework tonight?
mae Siân eisiau diod
Siân wants a drink
mae Aled eisiau te
Aled wants tea
mae Mari eisiau coffi
Mari wants coffee
mae Gareth eisiau dŵr
Gareth wants water