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dw i'n dod o Abertawe
I come from Swansea
dw i'n dod o Harlech
I come from Harlech
'dyn ni'n dod o'r Bala
we come from Bala
'dyn ni'n dod o'r Fenni
we come from Abergavenny
o ble rwyt ti'n dod?
where do you come from? (informal)
o ble dych chi'n dod?
where do you come from? (plural/formal)
mae Gareth yn dod o Gymru
Gareth comes from Wales
mae Lisa yn dod o Loegr
Lisa comes from England
mae Andrew yn dod o'r Alban
Andrew comes from Scotland
mae Iona yn dod o Iwerddon
Iona comes from Ireland
o ble mae Carmen yn dod?
Where does Carmen come from?
dw i'n mynd i Gaerdydd
I'm going to Cardiff
dw i'n mynd i Fangor
I'm going to Bangor
dw i'n mynd i Landudno
I'm going to Llandudno
dw i'n mynd i Bontypridd
I'm going to Pontypridd
dw i'n mynd i'r sinema
I'm going to the cinema
dw i'n mynd i'r theatr
I'm going to the theatre
dw i'n mynd i'r gêm
I'm going to the game
dw i'n mynd i'r siop
I'm going to the shop
dw i'n mynd i'r amgueddfa
I'm going to the museum
'dyn ni'n mynd i'r gwaith
we're going to work
'dyn ni'n mynd i'r dosbarth
we're going to class
'dyn ni'n mynd i'r gwely
we're going to bed
'dyn ni'n mynd i'r dre
we're going to town
ble rwyt ti'n mynd yfory?
where are you going tomorrow?
ble rwyt ti'n mynd ddydd Sul?
where are you going on Sunday?
ble dych chi'n mynd nos yfory?
where are you going tomorrow night?
ble dych chi'n mynd nos Sul?
where are you going on Sunday night?
nos Sul
Sunday night
nos Lun
Monday night
nos Fawrth
Tuesday night
nos Fercher
Wednesday night
nos Iau
Thursday night
nos Wener
Friday night
nos Sadwrn
Saturday night
dw i'n mynd i siopa
I'm going shopping
dw i'n mynd i nofio
I'm going swimming
dw i'n mynd i chwarae golff
I'm going to play golf
dw i'n mynd i helpu ffrind
I'm going to help a friend
dw i'n mynd i ddarllen llyfr
I'm going to read a book
dw i'n mynd i brynu car
I'm going to buy a car
dw i'n mynd i fwyta cinio
I'm going to eat lunch
dw i'n mynd i weld ffilm
I'm going to see a film