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Uned 6 - Patrymau

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mae hi'n braf
it's fine
mae hi'n oer
it's cold
mae hi'n stormus
it's stormy
mae hi'n sych
it's dry
mae hi'n wyntog
it's windy
mae hi'n wlyb
it's wet
mae hi'n gymylog
it's cloudy
mae hi'n dwym
it's hot
mae hi'n bwrw glaw
it's raining
mae hi'n bwrw eira
it's snowing
sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?
how is the weather today?
mae hi'n nofio
she's swimming
mae hi'n gyrru
she's driving
mae e'n canu
he's singing
mae e'n rhedeg
he's running
mae hi'n gallu nofio
she can swim
mae hi'n gallu gyrru
she can drive
mae e'n gallu canu
he can sing
mae e'n gallu rhedeg
he can run
mae hi'n gallu nofio'n dda
she can swim well
mae hi'n gallu gyrru'n dda
she can drive well
mae e'n gallu canu'n dda
he can sing well
mae e'n gallu rhedeg yn dda
he can run well
maen nhw'n siopa
they are shopping
maen nhw'n bwyta
they are eating
maen nhw'n gweithio
they are working
maen nhw'n rhedeg
they are running
maen nhw'n gorfod siopa yfory
they must shop tomorrow
maen nhw'n gorfod bwyta yfory
they must eat tomorrow
maen nhw'n gorfod gweithio yfory
they must work tomorrow
maen nhw'n gorfod rhedeg yfory
they must run tomorrow
sut mae'r dosbarth?
how is the class?
ble mae'r dosbarth?
where is the class?
pryd mae'r dosbarth?
when is the class?