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Uned 7 - Patrymau

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Siôn dw i
I'm Siôn
Siôn yw e
he's Siôn
tiwtor yw e
he's a tutor
Siân dw i
I'm Siân
Siân yw hi
she's Siân
tiwtor yw hi
she's a tutor
pwy yw e?
who is he?
beth yw e?
what is he/it?
Siôn yw e?
is he Siôn?
pwy yw hi?
who is she?
beth yw hi?
what is she/it?
Siân yw hi?
is she Siân?
Yes (identification questions)
No (identification questions)
ydy hi'n canu?
is she singing? / does she sing?
ydy hi'n actio?
is she acting? / does she act?
ydy e'n chwarae golff?
is he playing golf? / does he play golf?
ydy e'n gweithio?
is he working? / does he work?
yes (he/she is/does)
nac ydy
no (he/she isn't/doesn't)
ydyn nhw'n brysur?
are they busy?
ydyn nhw'n ddiflas?
are they miserable?
ydyn nhw'n gwybod?
do they know?
ydyn nhw'n gadael?
are they leaving?
yes (they are/do)
nac ydyn
no (they aren't/don't)
dyw'r gwin ddim yn dda
the wine isn't good
dyw'r bwyd ddim yn ddrud
the food isn't expensive
dyw'r staff ddim yn gyfeillgar
the staff aren't friendly
dyw'r prisiau ddim yn rhad
the prices aren't cheap
dyw e ddim yn hapus
he isn't happy
dyw hi ddim yn hapus
she isn't happy
'dyn nhw ddim yn hapus
they're not happy
'dyn nhw ddim yn grac
they're not angry
faint yw e?
how much is it?
faint ydyn nhw?
how much are they?
un bunt
one pound (£)
dwy bunt
two pounds (£)
tair punt
three pounds (£)
pedair punt
four pounds (£)
un o'r gloch
one o'clock
dau o'r gloch
two o'clock
tri o'r gloch
three o'clock
pedwar o'r gloch
four o'clock
pump o'r gloch
five o'clock
chwech o'r gloch
six o'clock
saith o'r gloch
seven o'clock
wyth o'r gloch
eight o'clock
naw o'r gloch
nine o'clock
deg o'r gloch
ten o'clock
un ar ddeg o'r gloch
eleven o'clock
deuddeg o'r gloch
twelve o'clock
hanner dydd
hanner nos