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ces i uwd i frecwast
I had porridge for breakfast
ces i ffrwythau i frecwast
I had fruit for breakfast
ces i wy i frecwast
I had an egg for breakfast
ces i dost i frecwast
I had toast for breakfast
beth gest ti i frecwast?
what did you have for breakfast? (ti)
beth gest ti i ginio?
what did you have for lunch? (ti)
beth gest ti i de?
what did you have for tea? (ti)
beth gest ti i swper?
what did you have for supper? (ti)
gawsoch chi sglodion ddoe?
did you have chips yesterday? (chi)
gawsoch chi frechdan ddoe?
did you have a sandwich yesterday? (chi)
gawsoch chi uwd?
did you have porridge? (chi)
gawsoch chi gawl?
did you have soup? (chi)
beth gafodd Pat yn y caffi?
what did Pat have in the café?
cafodd Pat de
Pat had tea
cafodd Pat goffi
Pat had coffee
cafodd e siocled poeth
he had hot chocolate
cafodd hi sudd oren
she had orange juice
cawson ni bost ddoe
we had post yesterday
cawson ni ebost ddoe
we had an email yesterday
cawson nhw decst ddoe
they had a text yesterday
cawson nhw lythyr ddoe
they had a letter yesterday
ches i ddim post ddoe
I didn't get any post yesterday
ches i ddim ebost ddoe
I didn't get an email yesterday
ches i ddim tecst ddoe
I didn't get a text yesterday
ches i ddim llythyr ddoe
I didn't get a letter yesterday