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roedd hi'n braf ddoe
it was fine yesterday
roedd hi'n heulog ddoe
it was sunny yesterday
roedd hi'n oer ddoe
it was cold yesterday
roedd hi'n wyntog ddoe
it was windy yesterday
oedd hi'n braf neithiwr?
was it fine last night?
oedd hi'n heulog neithiwr?
was it sunny last night?
oedd hi'n oer neithiwr?
was it cold last night?
oedd hi'n sych neithiwr?
was it dry last night?
yes (he, she, it was)
nac oedd
no (he, she, it wasn't)
sut roedd y tywydd ddoe?
how was the weather yesterday?
roedd hi'n dost
she was ill
roedd hi'n drist
she was sad
roedd hi'n hwyr
she was late
roedd hi'n brysur
it was busy
oedd e'n dost?
was he ill?
oedd e'n drist?
was he sad?
oedd e'n gyflym?
was he fast?
oedd e'n araf?
was he slow?
doedd hi ddim yn sych
it wasn't dry
doedd hi ddim yn dda
she wasn't well
doedd e ddim yn drist
he wasn't sad
doedd e ddim yn hapus
he wasn't happy
mae pen tost gyda fi
I have a headache
roedd pen tost gyda fi
I had a headache
roedd bola tost gyda fi
I had a bad stomach
roedd clust dost gyda fi
I had a bad ear
roedd annwyd arna i
I had a cold
roedd peswch ar Sam
Sam had a cough
roedd y ffliw arno fe
he had the flu
roedd y ddannodd arni hi
she had toothache
roedd annwyd arnon ni
we had a cold
roedd peswch arnoch chi
you (chi) had a cough
roedd y ffliw arnyn nhw
they had the flu
roedd y ddannodd ar Sam a Mari
Sam and Mari had toothache