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dw i wedi ateb pob ebost
I have answered every email
dw i wedi darllen llyfr Harry Potter
I have read a Harry Potter book
dw i wedi gweld ffilm James Bond
I have seen a James Bond film
dw i wedi bwyta sushi
I have eaten sushi
dw i wedi bod yn y gwaith
I have been in work
dw i ddim wedi chwarae golff
I haven't played golf
dw i ddim wedi canu carioci
I haven't sung karaoke
dw i ddim wedi bod i Las Vegas
I haven't been to Las Vegas
dw i ddim wedi nofio yn y Caribî
I haven't swum in the Carribean
wyt ti wedi cael brecwast?
have you had breakfast?
wyt ti wedi ymddeol?
have you retired?
wyt ti wedi chwarae bingo?
have you played bingo?
wyt ti wedi blino?
are you tired?