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алдсан хугацааг нөхөх
to make up for the time lost
зардлаа нөхөх
to compensate, to refund
ажлын цагаа нөхөх
to make up for the time of work
дутуу хичээлээ нөхөх
to make up for a missed lecture
medical treatment
хөдөлмөрийн нөхцөл
working conditions
цаас нугалах
to fold a paper
өвдөг сөхрөх
to kneel
өрмөөр нүхлэх
to drill a hole
цаас нүхлэх
to perforate the paper
тэнгэр онгойлоо
the sky has cleared
бай онох
to hit the target
тэр бүх юманд оролцдог
He gets his hands into everything
өөрчлөн барих
to rebuild
албаар хийх
to do on purpose
гараа өргөх
to raise a hand
to kick, to boot, to toe
системээс салгах
to disconnect from system
аюулаас салах
to escape from a danger
өрнөөсөө салах
to pay off one's debts
to get better
to comb
to remember
to set free