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Science-Current Electricity(English-Meaning)

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A piece of equipment that measures how much electricity is flowing around a circuit.
amp (A)
The unit for measuring current.
Two or more cells used together.
A source of electricity with a low ‘energy’ (low voltage). Cells push electrons round a circuit.
Something in a circuit, such as a bulb, switch or motor.
The flow of electricity around a circuit.
The thin piece of wire inside a light bulb that glows when the bulb is on.
power pack
A source of electricity with a low voltage, that is safe to use in schools.
A model that compares something complicated to something that is easier to understand.
A way of showing or representing something that helps you to think about it or to find out about it.
Physical model
A model that you can touch, or a model that you could build.
Abstract model
A model that only exists in your thoughts, or as a computer program.
Tiny particles that flow around a circuit.
Parallel circuit
A circuit with two or more branches that split apart and join up again.
Series circuit
A circuit in which there is only one loop of wire.
Something that is described in words.
Something that is described in numbers.
When one component (such as a voltmeter) is connected in parallel to another.
A way of saying how difficult it is for electricity to flow through something.
A component that makes it difficult for electricity to flow – resistors are used to reduce the size of the current in a circuit.
Variable resistor
A resistor whose resistance can be changed.
A way of saying how much energy is transferred by electricity.
A piece of equipment that measures how much energy is being transferred by a current.
Volt (V)
The unit for voltage.
The wire for something that runs off mains electricity. It has three separate wires inside it.
Cable grip
Part of a plug that holds the cable, and stops the wires being pulled out of the pins.
Circuit breaker
A safety device that switches off the electricity supply if the current is too big.
Earth pin
The metal pin in a plug that the earth wire is connected to.
Earth wire
The green and yellow wire in a cable or plug. It is there for safety.
A piece of wire that melts if too much electricity flows through it.
fuse rating
The largest current a fuse can conduct without melting.
Something that could be a danger.
Ring main
A type of parallel circuit used in house wiring.
How likely it is that a particular hazard will cause a danger.