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Unit 1 Lesson 13 (Particles 2)

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and/with (diary) 1
and/with (diary) 2
and/with (conversation)
나는 사과와 바나나를 샀어
I bought apples and bananas (diary 1) (informal low)
나는 인천이랑 서울에 갈 거야
I will go to Incheon and Seoul. (conversation) (informal low)
오빠하고 아버지는 영화를 봤어
Older brother and father saw a movie (diary 2) (informal low)
나는 친구와 함께 갔어
I went with friend (diary 1) (informal low)
나는 아버지랑 공원에 갈 거야
I will go with father to the park (conversation) (informal low)
선생님은 학생들과 함께 박물관에 갔다
The teacher went with the students to the museum (diary 1) (diary)
저는 밥을 친구랑 저의 어머니랑 먹었어요
I ate rice with friend and my mother (conversation) (informal high)
(Particle that can be added to sentence with "with" when using diary 1)
저는 선생님과 함께 공부했어요
I studied with teacher (diary 1) (informal high)
저는 여자 친구와 함께 영화를 봤어요
I with girl friend watched a movie (diary 1) (informal high)
나는 친구랑 같이 있어
I'm together with friend (conversation) (informal low)
(Particle for doing something TO somebody) (diary)
(Particle for doing something TO somebody) (conversation)
(Particle for doing something TO somebody) (to person of importance)
아버지는 아들에게 돈을 준다
The father to the son gives money (diary)(diary)
나는 학생들한테 한국어를 가르쳤어
I to the students taught Korean (conversation)(informal low)
나는 교장선생님께 책을 줬어
I to the principal gave a book (to person of importance)(informal low)
(Particle for having something done FROM somebody) (from a person)
(Particle for having something done FROM somebody) (from a non-person)
나는 나의 여자친구에게서 편지를 받았어
I from my girlfriend received a letter (informal low)
저는 교감선생님에게서 한국어를 배웠어요
I from the vice principal learned Korean (informal high)
나는 돈을 정부로부터 받았어
I received money from the government (informal low)
(Particle for doing something FOR somebody) (informal)
(Particle for doing something FOR somebody) (formal)
나는 나의 여자친구를 위해 꽃을 샀어
I bought flowers for my girlfriend (informal low)
나는 부장님을 위해 이 것을 썼어
I for the boss this thing wrote (informal)(informal low)
저는 회사를 위해서 열심히 일할 것이에요
I will work hard for the company (formal)(informal high)
에 대해
(Particle for ABOUT something)
나는 너에 대해 생각했어
I thought about you (informal low)
나는 나의 아버지에 대해 말했어
I talked about my father (informal low)
나는 그 것에 대해 책을 쓸 거야
I about that thing will write a book (informal low)