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Unit 1 Lesson 14 (Passive Verbs)

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to be understood
to be included
to be provided
이 값은 세금을 포함해요
This value includes tax (informal high)
세금은 포함돼요
The tax is included (informal high)
회사는 기계를 대체했어
The company replaced the machine (informal low)
기계는 대체됐어
The machine was replaced (informal low)
나는 음식을 요리한다
I cook food (diary)
음식은 요리됐다
The food was cooked (diary)
(particle for "in" to use with passive verbs)
세금은 값에 포함됀다
The tax is included in the value (diary)
(Particle for something done "by" a person)
에 의해
(Particle for something done "by" something non-human)
밥은 제공됀다
The rice is provided (diary)
밥은 학교에 의해 제공됀다
The rice is provided by the school (diary)
그것은 이해됐어
It was understood (informal low)
그것은 학생들에게 이해됐어
It was understood by the students (informal low)
집은 청소됐어
The house was cleaned (informal low)
집은 아버지에게 청소됐어
The house was cleaned by father (informal low)
저는 집을 청소기로 청소했어요
I cleaned the house with a vacuum cleaner (informal high)
집은 청소기로 청소됐어요
The house was cleaned by a vacuum cleaner (informal high)
저는 저의 오빠를 존경해요
I respect my older brother (informal high)
저의 오빠는 존경받아요
My brother receives respect (My brother is respected) (informal high)
교장선생님은 선생님들에게 존경받아요
The principal is respected by the teachers (informal high)
나는 너의 말에 감동받았어
I was impressed in your words. (I was impressed with what you said)(informal low)
to receive
to be shut
밥은 학교에 제공됐어요
The rice was provided in (by) the school (informal high)
문은 바람에 닫혔어요
The door was closed in by the wind (informal high) (combined)
저는 컴퓨터를 켰어요
I turned the computer on (informal high)
컴퓨터가 켜져 있어요
The computer is on (informal high)
저는 텔레비전을 껐어요
I turned the television off (informal high)
텔레비전이 꺼져 있어요
The television is off (informal high)
저는 문을 잠갔어요
I locked the door (informal high)
문이 잠겨 있어요
The door is locked (informal high)
문이 닫혀 있었어요
The door was closed (informal high)
펜이 탁자에 놓여 있었어요
The pen was laying on the table (informal high)
나는 나의 친구를 속였어
I tricked my friend (informal low)
나는 친구에게 속았어
I was tricked by friend (informal low)
for something to occur
to make something occur
저는 숙제를 끝냈어요
I finished (my) homework (informal high)
숙제는 끝나요
(My) homework is finished (informal high)
숙제는 끝났어요
(My) homework was finished (informal high)
저는 컴퓨터를 고장냈어요
I broke the computer (informal high)
컴퓨터는 고장나요
The computer is broken (informal high)
컴퓨터는 고장났어요
The computer was broken (informal high)
그것이 기억나요!
(I) remember that! (That memory comes up) (informal high)
좋은 생각이 났어요!
(I) had a good idea (thought) (A good idea (thought) came up) (informal high)
to be given
to be built
기회가 주어졌어요
(I) was given a chance (informal high)
그 집은 한국에서 지어졌어요
That house was built in Korea (informal high)