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Unit 1 Lesson 21 (Asking Questions 1)

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나 역시 수학을 좋아하지 않아
I also don't like math (in addition to other people) (2)(informal low)
몇몇 사람들은 밥을 좋아하지 않아
Some people don't like rice (2) (informal low)
나는 이미 지하철을 타고 있어
I am already riding the subway. (informal low)
엄마는 먹었어?
Did Mom eat? (informal low)
집에 갔어?
Did (you) go home? (informal low)
소식을 들었어?
Did (you) hear the news? (informal low)
남동생은 울었어요?
Did (your) brother cry? (informal high)
한국은 좋은 나라야?
Is Korea a good country? (informal low)
엄마도 올 거야?
Will Mom come too? (informal low)
방학 동안 집에 안 갔습니까?
You didn't go home during vacation? (formal high)
그 사람을 만나고 싶습니까?
Do you want to meet that person? (formal high)
내일 학교에 갈 것입니까?
Are you going to go to school tomorrow? (formal high)
(Feminine ending for "informal low" questions)
시험을 잘 봤니?
Did (you) do well on the exam? (fem)(informal low)
서울에 가겠니?
(you) must be going to Seoul? (fem)(informal low)
서울에 갈 거니?
Will (you) go to Seoul? (fem)(informal low)
(Softer ending for "informal low/high" adjective questions) (sounds old-fashioned)
그 여자는 예쁜가?
Is that girl pretty? (soft)(informal low)
이것은 너무 작은가요?
Is this too small? (soft)(informal high)
그 여자는 한국에서 가장 예쁜 여자야. 아닌가?
That girl is the prettiest girl in Korea. Isn't (she)? (informal low)
(wondering to one's self out loud) (Softer ending for verb questions)
소녀시대 콘서트를 여기서 하나요?
Are (you) doing the the Girls' Generation concert here? (soft)(informal high)
사과도 여기서 파나요?
Do (you) sell apples here too? (in addition to other foods)(soft)(informal high)
교통카드가 있었나요?
Did you have your bus (transportation) card? (soft)(informal high)
만화책을 왜 좋아합니까?
Why do you like comic books? (formal high)
한국어를 왜 공부하고 있어요?
Why are you studying Korean? (informal high)
왜 너무 빨리 먹었어요?
Why did (you) eat so fast? (informal high)
어제 학교에 왜 안 갔어요?
Why didn't you go to school yesterday? (informal high)
집에 언제 갔어?
When did (you) go home? (informal low)
집에 언제 갈 거야?
When will (you) go home? (informal low)
언제부터 아팠어요?
Since when were you sick? (informal high)
한국에서 언제까지 있을 것이에요?
You will be in Korea until when? (informal high)
결혼식은 언제야?
When is the wedding? (informal low)
방학은 언제야?
When is vacation? (informal low)
어디에서 살아요?
Where do you live? (informal high)
어디 가고 싶어요?
Where do you want to go? (informal high)
어디 가요?
Where are you going? (informal high)
어디에서 먹어요?
Where are you eating? (informal high)
(Written form of 에서)(for "here" and "there")
어디서 먹어요?
Where are you eating? (written)(informal high)
어디까지 가고 싶어요?
Until where/How far do you want to go? (informal high)
어디에서 왔어?
From where did you come? (informal low)
친구가 어디야?
Where is (your) friend? (informal low)
엄마가 어디야?
Where is Mom? (informal low)
펜이 어디에 있어요?
Where is the pen? (informal high)
누가 내일 한국어를 공부할 거야?
Who will study Korean tomorrow? (informal low)
너는 내일 누구를 만날 거야?
Who will you meet tomorrow? (informal low)
그 사람은 누구야?
Who is that person? (informal low)