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Unit 1 Lesson 22 (Asking Questions 2)

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how (with verbs)
그것을 어떻게 해요?
How do you do that? (informal high)
한국어를 어떻게 배웠어요?
How did you learn Korean? (informal high)
그 여자에 대해 어떻게 생각해요?
How do you think about that girl? (informal high)
To be how
점심 어때?
How is/was the lunch? (informal low)
남자친구 어때?
How is (your) boyfriend? (informal low)
이 사진 어때?
How about this picture? (informal low)
시험 어땠어요?
How was the exam? (informal high)
뭐 먹었어?
What did (you) eat? (adverb) (informal low)
지난 주말에 뭐 했어요?
What did you do last weekend? (adverb) (informal high)
내일 뭐 하고 싶어요?
What do you want to do tomorrow? (adverb) (informal high)
무엇을 먹었어?
What did (you) eat? (noun) (informal low)
이것은 뭐야?
What is this? (adverb) (informal low)
무슨 일을 하고 싶어요?
What work do you want to do? (informal high)
무슨 영화를 보고 싶어요?
What movie do you want to see? (informal high)
어떤 영화를 보고 싶어요?
Which movie do you want to see? (informal high)
어느 집에서 살아요?
Which house do you live in? (informal high)
어느 대학교를 다녀요?
Which university do you attend? (informal high)
나는 차 2대가 있다
I have 2 cars (diary) 1
차가 몇 대가 있어요?
How many cars do you have? (informal high)
어제 학교에 몇 번 갔어요?
How many times did you go to school yesterday? (informal high)
몇 시예요?
What time is it? (informal high)
몇 살이에요?
How old are you? (informal high)
너의 남동생은 몇 살이야?
How old is your younger brother? (informal low)
얼마나 많이
how much/many
얼마나 예쁘다
how pretty
얼마나 자주
how often
얼마나 빨리
how quickly
얼마나 많은 돈을 가져갈 거야?
How much money will (you) take? (informal low)2
돈을 얼마나 많이 가져갈 거야?
How much money will (you) take? (informal low)1
한국어를 얼마나 자주 공부해요?
How often do you study Korean? (informal high)
여자 친구는 얼마나 예뻐요?
How pretty is (your) girl friend? (informal high)
축구를 얼마나 잘 해요?
How well do you play soccer? (informal high)
이것은 얼마예요?
How much is this? (informal high)
나는 밥을 먹었어
I ate rice (informal low)
누가 밥을 먹었어?
Who ate the rice? (informal low)
내가 밥을 먹었어
I (am the one who) ate the rice (informal low)
I did/Me
누가 피자를 만들었어?
Who made the pizza? (informal low)
내가 피자를 만들었어
I (am the one who) made the pizza (informal low)
누가 그녀를 좋아해?
Who likes her? (informal low)
내가 그녀를 좋아해
I (am the one who) likes her (informal low)
너는 누구를 좋아해?
Who do you like? (informal low)
나는 그녀를 좋아해
I like her (informal low)