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Unit 1 Lessons 5-8 (Irregulars)

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나는 집을 지어
I build a house. (informal low)
저는 집을 지었어요
I built a house. (informal high)
저는 웃었어요
I laughed. (informal high)
저는 저의 옷을 벗었어요
I took off my clothes. (informal high)
to walk (informal high, past)
to walk (informal high, present)
to walk (informal high, future)
저는 문을 닫았어요
I closed the door. (informal high)
그 것은 쉬워
That thing is easy. (informal low)
그 것은 어려워요
That thing is difficult. (informal high)
저는 저의 어머니를 도왔어요
I helped my mother. (informal high)
그 여자는 귀여워요
That girl is cute. (informal high)
저는 귀여운 여자를 좋아해요
I like cute girls. (informal high)
저는 쉬운 일을 했어요
I did easy work. (informal high)
나는 부드러운 손이 있어
I have soft hands. (informal low)
저는 추운 날씨를 좋아해요
I like cold weather. (informal high)
그 여자는 아름다워요
That girl is beautiful. (informal high)
저는 문을 잠갔어요
I locked the door. (informal high)
저는 바빠요
I am busy. (informal high)
저는 쥐를 들었어요
I heard a mouse. (informal high)
그 것은 달라요
That thing is different. (informal high)
그 남자는 빨라요
That man is fast. (informal high)
저는 긴 거리를 건넜어요
I crossed the long street. (informal high)