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Bajaron, pero no subieron.
They came down, but they didn't go up.
Bajé, pero no subí.
I came down, but I didn't go up.
Llamó, pero no salió.
He called, but he didn't go out.
Llamé, pero no salí.
I called, but I didn't go out.
Llamamos, pero no salimos.
We called, but we didn't go out.
Lavó, pero no barrió.
She washed, but she didn't sweep.
Lavé, pero no barrí
I washed, but I didn't sweep.
Lavamos, pero no barrimos.
We washed, but we didn't sweep.
Trabajé, pero no viví allí.
I worked, but I didn't live there.
Trabajamos, pero no vivimos allí.
We worked, but we didn't live there.
Trabajaron, pero no vivieron allí.
They worked, but they didn't live there.