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Yo almorzaba en frente. Yo almuerzo en frente.
I had lunch in front. I eat lunch in front.
Nosotros no encontrábamos la base.
We couldn't find the base.
Nosotros no encontramos la base.
We don't find the base.
Ella no podía abrir el equipaje.
She couldn't open the luggage.
Ella no puede abrir el equipaje.
She can't open the luggage.
Ellos volvían en seguida.
They came back at once.
Ellos vuelven en seguida.
They come back at once.
Nosotros no recordábamos los nombres.
We didn't remember the names.
Nosotros no recordamos los nombres.
We don't remember the names.
La secretaria no quería ir.
The secretary didn't want to go.
La secretaria no quiere ir.
The secretary doesn't want to go.
Todos sentíamos calor allí.
We all felt warm there.
Todos sentimos calor allí.
We all feel warm there.