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Skoros ynot epilu?
What would you ask of me?
se avy ōdrikosy lī hīghari morghūlilzi
and those who would harm you will die screaming
Lo Dārie se pāsābari sytiotāpia lōtirī jorrāeloty, sepār dōre vala arlī īlōn belmurilza
If we should steadfastly love in our love for the Queen and her faithful advisors, no man will ever lock us in chains again
Gēlȳndi aōt tepagon jaelas, hegnīr aōhys rūs ipradagon kostos
He only wants to give you money, so your baby can eat
Vys verdlios perzomy siglitaks!
From the fire she was reborn to remake the world!
Henujagon jaelza lua vala mirre henujagon kostas
Any man who wishes to leave may leave
Zūgagon daor, ñuhys raqiros
Don’t be afraid, my friend
Ynot rebagon
Let me pass
Sesīr īlot jagon!
Now let's go!
Nykēlo syt ūndon daor luo valzȳro ñoghossi ōressiks
I find myself held by the arms of a husband I never expected to have,
I'm burned
Se dāeri vali pōntalo syt gaomoti iderēbzi
And free men make their own choices
Vala egromy rōbir ezīmza
The man splits the fig with a knife
rōbir egry hezīmza
The knife splits the fig
Valo ondoso rōbir egry hezīmza
The knife of the man splits the fig
Mirri ōdria uēpi dōrī drējī zgiēñisi, sepār hen mībājȳr udīr ānogrosa anehussi
Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word
rōbir ezīmaks
The fig is split
rōbir hezīmaks
The fig is split
rōbir valo ondoso ezīmaks
The fig is split by the man
Egromy rōbir hezīmaks
The fig is split with a knife
Belmurtoti vestrās kesīr pōnte jiōrinna
Say to the slavers I will receive them here
Yno syt vīlībilāt?
Will you fight for me?
Vala rōbra Aerot derēbza
The man gathers figs for Aerys
Vala rōbrȳti Aeri iderēbza
The man selects figs for Aerys
Aeri iderēbaks
Aerys is selected for
Guēso gō iōrilen
I was standing under a tree
Gerpe guēsot unektotan
I cut a fruit off the tree
Yn kesys tubis hen mirro tubiot sȳrpys issa
But today is as good a day as any
Lannister va moriot zȳha gēlȳnī addemmis
A Lannister always pays his debts
Āegenkor Tistālior jāhor gūrotriri emilza
The Iron Bank will have its due