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It is known
Zȳhys ōñoso jehikagon Āeksiot epi, se gīs hen sȳndrorro jemagon
We ask the Lord to shine his light, and lead a soul out of darkness
Skorkydoso glaesā? Syrī glaesan
How are you? I'm good
Skoriot daorys gō istas nēdenkirī jagon
To boldly go where no one has gone before
Daenerys zȳhi byki zaldrīzī qurdot gōvilēza
Daenerys is putting her little dragon under the table
Gryves se Riña Litse
The Bear and the Maiden Fair
Valar gūrēñis
All men must learn
Ñuhor līr gūrēnna
I will take what is mine
Se jevo qrinuntoti pōjor gūrotriri maghan
And I bring your enemies what they deserve
Valar limassis, hāedus Valar limassis
All men must cry, little sister All men must cry
Ñuhor haedri renīs se nykēla avy ossēninna!
Touch my sister and I'll kill you myself!
Ñuhys zaldrīzes harrenkys issa
My dragon is the right size
Havon sīr ipradakson kostas
The bread can now be eaten
Jenti jevi jemēle iderēbilātās, qogrondo jevo hēdrȳ
You will select a leader, from amongst your own ranks
Issa, aōho hēdo taobe sēntan!
Yes, I killed your butcher's boy!
Issa, drīvose hegnīr ēdrus
Yes, she is actually sleeping like that
Issa, heksīr ipradan
Yes, I am eating like this
Hembar Yunkaihot istan
Next I went to Yunkai
The Climb
Qrīdronnor hepvos issa
Chaos is a ladder
(Valo ondoso) rōbir egry hezīmza
The knife (of the man) splits the fig
(Egromy) rōbir hezīmaks
The fig is split (with a knife)
Hēzīr, brōza jevi jemēle iderēbilātās
From this day forward, you will choose your own names
Issa, ñuhys raqiros hontes issa
Yes, my friend is a bird
kastys hobresse
blue goats
iderēbās Avy hoskas lue brōzi
Choose A name that gives you pride
Ñuho glaeso hūrus
Moon of my life
hūrenkon qogror
lunar class
Dārys ñuhe iāpe iotāptes
The king respects my uncle
Viserys Daenero lēkia iāpannā issa
Viserys is Daenerys's older brother and cousin