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Bone vale idakōs!
Attack that man!
Voktys idañī izūgas
The priest is afraid of the twins
Jaehot avy iderēbās jorepās
Pick a god and pray
Lo jention mirre nūmāzme ēza, iderenna qopsa verdagon issa
If leadership is about anything, it’s about making hard choices
Ñuha lēkia jūlor iēdrī mōzus
My brother is drinking milk and water
Dāro iemny rōva issa
The king's stomach is large
Jēdar yno toliot Tegon yno gō Perzys yno iemnȳ
Sky above me Earth below me Fire within me
Sȳndror ilis luo tegunno Mordrot
In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie
Jemēlo kaerīnnon ivīlībilāt, lo sīr Dāria Daenerys jemī ivīlībagon kesīr īlos daor?
Will you fight for your own salvation, now that Queen Daenerys is not here to fight for you?
Zaldrīzes rihot ilza!
There is a dragon in the valley!
Arlȳr īliliot ēdrun
I am sleeping at the new crossroads
Valar imāzissis
All men must attend
Aōhor jaqiarzir ivīlībin imorghūlīn, jaqiarzus Dārȳs
I fight and die for your glory, O glorious Queen
Kēli ñuho inkot ilza
There is a cat on my back
Iōnos! Kostilus! Inkot jagon daor
Jon! Please! Dont go back
Se iōrves yne dōrī jenitis
The cold never bothered me
Iosrūlirion kesīr ilza
Autumn is here
Valar Ipradis Valar Ipradiks
All Men Must Eat All Men Must Be Eaten
Va ñellyrty perzys zȳhyz zaldrīzesse issi, Āeksio Oño irudy
Her dragons are fire made flesh, a gift from the Lord of Light
Lo zȳhyz zaldrīzesse Āeksiō Ōñō irudy Daenerot issi, sepār Daenerys Āeksiō irudy riñarta zȳhot issa
Just as her dragons are a gift from the Lord of Light to Daenerys, so then is Daenerys a gift from the Lord to her children
Ñuhī zaldrīzī izūgilā
You will fear my dragons
Jaehossi Uēpossi Arlȳssī
By the Old Gods and the New
Jaohossa rhovis Jaohossa rhovisi
The dogs are barking Dogs bark
Jaqen hen Lorathī iksos daor
Jaqen is not from Lorath
Āeksios, aōhos ōñoso īlōn jehikās
Lord, cast your light upon us
Udra jelmior issi
Words are wind
Jelmor rūnis
The North remembers
Jentys Dovaogēdyro syt iksā
You are the leader of the Unsullied
Āeksio Oño jemot Muñe Zaldrīzoti jittas
The Lord of Light sent the Mother of Dragons to you
Belmurtī ivestrās kesīr pōnte jiōrinna se pōjon obūljarion mazōrīnna
Tell the slavers I will receive them here and accept their surrender