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Va Mīrīnot jemī jiōran
Welcome to Meereen
Kesīr drējī jiorilaks
You are very welcome here
Elēni ñuhe jogeltigon sylutis, sepār jevon jogeltigon sylussi Yn kostosy daor
They tried to silence my voice, as they try to silence yours But they cannot
Quptyssy pontālī johegzi se jomōzū
The heathen continue to slaughter each other and you continue to get drunk
Issarori jollōris lua riña
A girl who studies people
Bonys azantys geltose jomīsos daor
That knight is not wearing a helmet
Zȳhi perzi stepagon Āeksio Ōño jorepi, se morghūltas lī qēlītsos sikagon
We beg the Lord to share his fire, and light a candle that has gone out
Jeva jorepna ryptas se pōnte udlitas
He has heard your prayers and answered them
Muñus jorrāeliarzus: Olvie hen embraro tolmiot nykēlot avy ivestragon issa
Dearest Mother: So much news I have to give you from over the seas
Aōhor jūlor mōzun
I am drinking your milk
Jemot kaerīnio jittas!
He has sent you a savior!
Jemēlo kaerīnnon ivīlībilāt?
Will you fight for your own salvation?
Kēlir morghūlis
All cats must die
Dovaogēdys Kelītīs
Unsullied Halt
Sesīr Urnēbion Zȳhon Keliton Issa
And Now His Watch Is Ended
Azantys kēlio rȳbas
The knight hears the lion
riño kepa
the girl's father
Kepo Tubis Biare
Happy Father's Day
Kesir sepār īlza
This too shall pass
Sesīr kipi
And now we ride
Lāroti syt kisalbar
A Feast for Crows
Zoklī havoso kisittoty daor
We did not feed the wolves bread
Jemot kivio ñuhe tepan
I give you my word
Kesy ñuhys klios issa
This one is my squid
Konir sagon kostos daor
That's not possible
Korzoti Jelmāzma
A Storm of Swords
Korzitī prūbrī jorrāelan
I like the firm apples
Vestragon koston daor
I cannot say
Sēteroti kostion vale ossȳngas
The power of the magic spells frightens the man
Mittys iksā Āeksia tolī kostōbi issi
You’re a fool The masters are too strong