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Kostōba Nēdenkā
Strong and Brave
Zokla kēlio kostōbirī angotas
The wolf bit mightily into the lion
Naenio jēdoti kirimvose glaesātās!
May you live happily for many years!
Tubī hae kesīr sittāks, sesīr kirine iksan
You were born on a day like this one, and so I am happy
Skoro syt kesī krēga bāngā?
Why are you baking these beets?
Averilloma vala azanti krihot ondurtas
The drunk man grabbed the knight by the leg
Laehossa yne ōdris
My eyes hurt
Viserys Daenero lēkia issa
Viserys is Daenerys's brother
Valar lilis
All men must dance
Dohaeriros istin, sindita liortā, qilonta ozbartā
I was a slave once, bought and sold, scourged and branded
Prūmiā līrinoso rēbās!
Walk with a smile in your heart!
Laodiaposo jomīsagon avy sytilīptas
You should have worn the mask
Azantys lōrtot udekurza
The knight is approaching the tunnel
Tolī rhūqo lōtinti, kostilus
More pigeon pie, please
Aōle lykemās
Be quiet
Lyvo vali ābrī gevī laehossa ēzi
The men and women have beautiful eyes
Zān hen Lyvot ābre ūndan
Yesterday I saw a woman from Lys
Udrāzmī jemot maghon daor Iderennon maghan
I do not bring you commands I bring you a choice
Skorion massitas? Qringōntan
What happened? I failed
Valar mazvēttas luos belmossi zirȳle tolvȳs gaomoso iderennosō letis
All men bind themselves with chains that they have created, through every deed and decision
Īlōn pryjassis līr īlōn mazverdis
What destroys us, creates us
Ñuha muña melvo nektos
My mother is slicing a pear
Ābra mīsvoso zȳhe mēni jomīsas
The woman is wearing armor on her body
Dāerves jevys tepagon yne sytilībos daor Jemēle mērī sytilības
Your freedom is not mine to give It belongs to you and you alone
Mērī mēriot ziry vūjitan!
I only kissed her once!
Muñar aōt teptas lue brōzi, iā mirre tolie iderēbās
Choose the name your parents gave you, or any other
Jomōzussis lua vala mirros ēngoso ȳdrassigon kostilos daor
A man who keeps getting drunk will not be able to speak any language
Kesīr mirriot dēmā?
Are you sitting anywhere here?
Mirrun mōrqitto bantiot sikiks
Some are born to endless night
Ynot mirrori tepās
Give me whatever