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Tolvys mirtys issa
Everybody is someone
Riñītsoti mīsio
Protector of little girls
Ñuhos mīsvoso jomīsā?
Are you wearing my armor?
Ionos Sōnaro morghe iksos daor
Jon Snow isn't dead
Sȳndroso lykāpa, myrdomy aderpa, iēdrosa gīdāpa Zūger korzose trūmȳtrī nektossis
Quiet as a shadow, swift as a deer, calm as still water Fear cuts deeper than swords
Zȳhon naejon kostōbon issa; zȳhon inkon daor
His front is powerful, his back is not
Taoba nagetos daor
The boy did not sweat
Raqnon nākostōbāves issa
Love is weakness
Pyryrzy napasirossa vokemilzi, va daorunta ñelli qringaomnā pōjo zālari
They will purify nonbelievers by the thousands, burning their sins and flesh away
Belma se pōnte sētessis lȳri nāpāstyri ozzālilāt?
Will you burn away the chains and the nonbelievers who make them?
Ābra gerpī nektotas
The woman cut the fruit
Azantys taobe zenturliot nevetas
The knight carried the boy to the inn
Sīkudi nopāzmi!
Seven hells!
Aōle rūda, nūmāzma issa
You quit, you mean
Iōnos ñuha ñābranna issa
Jon is my cousin
Rhaella aōhor ñāmar issa?
Is Rhaella your aunt?
Nykēlo syt ūndon daor luo valzȳro ñōghossi ōressiks
I find myself held by the arms of a husband I never expected to have
ñoghoqitta rīza
armless lizard
Ñuhon ñōghybon renigon daor, mittys!
Don't touch my elbow, fool!
Hen sȳndrorro, ōños Hen ñuqīr, perzys Hen morghot, glaeson
From darkness, light From ashes, fire From death, life
Se morghon jāle obulilza
And death itself will bend the knee
Azantys ohīlvoso taobe idakos!
The knight is attacking the boy with a dagger!
Issa, olvī ziry jorrāelan
Yes, I love him very much
Olvȳni zaldrīzī eman
I have many dragons
Jentys bykyz ondossa ēza
The ruler has small hands
Valo ondoso Aerys iderēbaks
Aerys is selected for by the man
Iā jemēla zȳhys perzī ondurilāt?
Or will you take up her flames yourselves?
Anne onjapossa ipradas
The horse is eating carrots
Skoros otāpā?
What do you think?
Hae jeme istin Sindity se liorty, qilonty se ozbārty, qrillaetty se vaogēdy
I was once as you are now Bought and sold, scourged and branded, raped and defiled