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Kisalbrot ozgūrotys jagon
Let the prisoners go to the banquet
Kēlia vale paerī iprattis
The lions ate the man slowly
Jevys qrinuntys jemo paktot issa
Your enemy is beside you
Riña zȳhi raqiros pālemiot ondurtas
The girl grabbed her friend by the wrist
Ēlī prūbrī iprattan, pār averille mōzutan
First I ate the apples, then I drank the wine
Kēlio parklon ipradas
The lion is eating meat
Kepa zȳhe tale pāsiles
The father believed his daughter
Peldiō sȳndor
The viper's shadow
Perzys Ānogār
Fire and Blood
Riña raqiroso pikīptas
The girl read with a friend
Dārys issa vestris, se prūmio ñuho konir drējior issa
They say he is a king and of my heart that is true
Ñuho prūmiā iksā
You are in my heart
Belmo Pryjatys
Breaker of Chains
Skoriot aōhys pungos ilza, ñuhus talus?
Where is your nose, my daughter?
Qaedar klios issa? Daor!
Is a whale a fish? No!
Konor sēter hen Qarthī issa
That spell is from Qarth
Ondos Qeldlie
Qībōños eman
I have a cloak
Ñuhor qintir jorrāelzi
They love my turtle
vēzenkon qogror
solar class
Vargo hen Qorhot issa
Vargo is from Qohor
Lo inkot ūndion, qrīdropēnna
If I look back, I am lost
Valar Qringaomis
All men must fail
Dārys azantī qubirī jemas
The king is leading the soldiers poorly
Qumblie geltī emā
You have a thick helmet
Zȳha Valyria qupēgrie issa
His Valyrian is terrible
Ñurho qȳbro anni kostōbi issi
My uncle's horses are powerful
Ñuha qȳbranna sȳz annī ēza
My cousin has a good horse
Dohaerirot ñuhe annī rāenagon sētan
I made the servant brush my horse
Jevo glaesoti rȳ buzdari istiat
You have been slaves all your life