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Astapor dāeremagon raketan
I took part in freeing Astapor
Avy jorrāelan Avy raqan
I love you I love you
Nuiōrkī sōnari raqō daor?
Are you enjoying winter in New York?
Ynot rēbagon
Let me pass
Riña Dovaogēdo muñe rhaenas
The girl finds the Unsullied's mother
Sūbroma tubis rhaenin
I begin my day with tea
Riglose Belmot Pryjatys rhaenan
It is an honor to meet the Breaker of Chains
Dārys azanti rijas
The king praises the soldier
Rijes aōt, Papayus!
Praise to you, Papaya!
Rijnondi, Donis!
Praise (to you), Don!
qilōni pilos lue vale tolvie ossēnātās, yn riñe dōre ōdrikātās
slay every man who holds a whip, but harm no child
Averilloma mittys ropatas
The drunken fool fell
Davido zaldrīzes aōhos zaldrīzose rōvyktys issa
David’s dragon is bigger than your dragon
Kony rōvēgrior blēnon issa!
That is an enormous mountain!
Rōvēgrī qringōntan
I’ve erred enormously
Kēli hen aōt ruarza
The cat is hiding from you
Rūkluni ynot teptas lua vala bisy issa
This is the man who gave me some flowers
Jelmor rūnas
The North remembers
Ȳghāpī īlōn rāelza, kesrio syt lanta iksan, rūso zȳhosy gōvilirose zijo syt pyghas lue prūmie
He holds us safe, for now I am two, with his child beneath the heart that beats for him
Perzys zaldrīzi sēnagon kostos daor
Fire cannot kill a dragon
Vȳs verdlios perzomy siglitaks! Dāria Zaldrīzoti!
From the fire she was reborn to remake the world! The Dragon Queen!
Dārys dāriā sindiliot udekurzi
The king and the queen are approaching the marketplace
Yn dāeri vali sīr issi
But you are free men now
Sīrgō parklon iprattā?
Have you eaten meat before?
Skorī vala rōbir angotas?
When did the man bite the fig?
Skoros gaomā?
What are you doing?
Skoro syt ipradā?
Why are you eating?
Skorkydoso udlilat?
How will you respond?
Skorverdon valoti ēdrusi?
How many men are sleeping?