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Sōlutti gūrogon aōhe mandie sytilības
Your older sister should get a scroll
Sōnar Māzis
Winter Is Coming
Vestriarja īlōn sōvemagon kostis
Stories can make us fly
Spare vale ābra urnes?
Which man does the woman see?
Averille sylutetā?
Have you tasted the wine?
Sparior sȳndrilla Rhaegal issa?
What color is Rhaegal?
... se sȳndrori jorrāelis lȳr...
... and those who love the darkness...
Taena hen Mȳrot issa
Taena is from Myr
Rōvon dēmalion rōvi jenti tēmas
A great throne pokes a great leader
Kesȳ tubī jemot dāervi tepan
Today I give you freedom
Tīkuni Zōbrī, Udra Zōbriar
Dark Wings, Dark Words
Bonys timpys hontes gevie issa!
That white bird is beautiful!
Ñuhor qȳbor kisalbār tolī iprattas
My uncle ate too much at the banquet
Dovaogēdi tolviot ilzi!
There are Unsullied everywhere!
Tolvys morghūlis
Everyone must die
Zokla tolvȳni iprattas!
A wolf ate everything!
Kostilus, sēter tolot tepās
Please give the spell to someone else
Kirimvose daor Toli jorrāelan
No thank I love someone else
Tȳni Trēsi
Second Sons
Tubī daor
Not today
Riña tymptir raqiroso tymptas
The girl played the game with a friend
Tyros! Ñuhos arlies lentos!
Tyrosh! My new home!
Se vasīr dorior udir Drogo bē?
And still no word of Drogon?
Bony udrimmi taoba issa!
That one is a clever boy!
Udrirzi Valyrio ȳdrā?
Do you speak Valyrian?
Spare ūlio gevie issa?
Which falcon is beautiful?
Ñuho kisalbrot umāzīt?
Are you coming to my banquet?
Mastas Valar urnēbis
It has come All men must watch
Iōnos Valyre korzī ēza
Jon has a Valyrian sword
Vamiot raqiros eman
I have a friend nearby