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Diesel Emissions & SCR

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Selective Catalyst Reduction, NOX, Nitrogen
SCR stands for ___ ___ ___ and reduces ___ to ___ and H20
Lower CO, NOX, Soot
Diesel engines emissions have ___ ___ and HC but higher levels of ___ and S___
Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Urea
DEF stands for ___ ___ ___ and most vehicles use an ___ solution
EGR, After-Treatment
Unlike how ___ reduces NOx, SCR is an ___ so shouldn't affect the performance of the engine.
To help reduce NOx exhaust emissions, vehicles can employ both ___ and ___ fluid injections with ___
32, 68, Def Tank
The Urea:Water ratio is ___:___ and is stored in the ___ ___
Nitrogen Oxide, Smog, Respiratory
NOX stands for ___ ___, is responsible for ___ and can cause ___ issues in people
Percent of soot captured in the Particulate filter : ___%
Ammonia, NOX, CO2, H2O, Nitrogen
In the SCR catalyst the newly formed ___ and ___ react, producing ___, ___ and ___
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Particulate Filter
DOC stands for ___ ___ ___ and is usually fixed in front of and together with the ___ ___
Oxidise, CO, HC
The function of the DOC is to ___ the molecules of ___ and __, converting them to water and carbon dioxide
Differential Pressure, Soot
The DPF can be monitored using the ___ ___ sensor and ___ level sensor
Regeneration, Soot
The ECU can request a ___ of the DPF, to burn off the collected ___ when the sensors show a high level of congestion
Thermal Decomposition, Reductant
Urea requires conversion to ammonia through ___ ___ in order to be used as an effective ___
Urea, DPF, SCR
The thermal decomposition of ___ occurs in the exhaust pipe between the ___ and ___
DOC, DPF, DEF Fluid, DEF Tank, SCR
Emissions go first through the ___ and ___ . Then ___ ___ is injected into it from the ___ ___ where it finally travels through the ___
2 1
Differential pressure sensors will use ___ pipes for comparison but absolute pressure sensors use ___ pipe
The pressure sensor at KOEO has a ___ value which should stay the same with vehicle at idle if the DPF is good
Ash, Low Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulfur
Low SAPS or Low ___ engine oil stands for : ___ ___ ___, ___ and ___
100, 300
Pressure sensor of ___ mbar at idle is good, up to ___ mbar while normal driving
300, Blocked
Above ___ mbar the DPF is becoming ___
Above ___ mbar the DPF would need to be removed for manual cleaning
Differential Pressure, ECT, MAF
The 3 sensors (related DTC's) that will stop DPF regeneration from being attempted by the computer : ___ ___, ___, ___
EGR, Rise
For DPF regeneration to occur the ___ valve needs to be able to close correctly, so temperature can ___ high enough
Diff pressure sensor, ECT and MAF DTC's disallow the regeneration action as the computer uses these to give ___ on the Regen process
Turbo Boost
___ ___ is increased to replace the loss of power while regenerating so driver is not affected
250, 300, 500, 600
Exhaust gases that are normally ___ - ___ degrees can be as high as ___ - ___ degrees during regeneration