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Resistor, Reference, Signal
Only 2 types of computer voltage sensing : One uses a ___ between the 5V ___ and ___ and the other doesn't.
Thermistor and Variable Reluctance (speed) sensors can have 2 wires but all other types, pressure, position etc have 3 wires otherwise they are called a ___ as they only have 2 positions.
Signal, 5V
3 wire sensors test. Disconnect, if ___ wire jumps to ___ then circuit integrity is verified. This computer has an internal resistor linking the 5V reference to the signal wire.
Signal, 0V, 5K
3 wire sensors test. Disconnect, if ___ wire jumps to ___ then test circuit by jumping the 5v ref to the signal wire using a ___ ohm resistor and watch the scan data to confirm the circuit integrity.
Typical resistance across entire potentiometer track from 5V reference to ground is ___ Ohm
Buffer, Protect
We us a 5K Ohm resistor to act as a ___ to ___ the computer incase the signal wire is shorted to ground.
Shorted, Resistor, Computer
If the signal wire is ___ to ground then crossing 5V reference to signal without ___ would ground the 5V regulator in the ___.
Ground, Disconnected
A circuit low code means the signal wire is showing a short to ___. Circuit high means a short to the 5V supply or could also mean the plug was ___ since some designs have an internal resistor that gives the signal wire 5v on disconnect.
Sensing, Current Flow, Flow, Pressure
The computer ___ circuit is like a voltmeter and doesn’t support ___ ___ so there is no drop in voltage across the resistors in the circuit. (Hydraulics Eg) As no ___ means no ___ drop
Regulator, Computer
The 5V reference ___ is heavily protected and shorting this will not destroy the ___ but will cause a large shutdown.
Signal, Ground, Open
Using resistor to cross 5V ref and signal computer should read 5V, if not then ___ wire is shorted to ___ or ciruit is ___
Pots, Idle, WOT
TPS options can have 1 or 2 separate ___, an ___ contact switch and a ___ switch
Failsafe, Common, Power, Signal, Motor
Potentiometer sensors generally have 2 tracks as a ___, 4 wires : ___ ground and common ___ and 2 separate ___ wires. Extra, heavier wires can mean ___ control also.
Resistor, Ground
3 Wire sensors current flow is from the 5V ref via ___ to ___
Disconnect, 12V
Testing reluctance sensor wiring integrity & PCM response. ___ sensor, connect a test light to ___ and tap the pins in the sensor plug.
Test Light, 12V, Spark
Tapping crank sensor pins with a ___ ___ connected to ___, should activate injector & ___.