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Door Locks

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Current Limiting Resistor, Current
The 12V feed to a switch passes through a ___ ___ ___ in the computer, this allows feed to be grounded and use only a minute amount of ___
Voltage Difference, Grounded
The computer can sense the ___ ___ after its internal resistor (CLA), so can detect a switch feed being ___.
Ground, Lights, Low
Using a test light to check the feed to a switch, the circuit will go to ___ before the bulb ___ due to the very ___ flow of current on that circuit.
No, Current Limiting Resistor
Does the bulb light when testing the 12v feed of a switch? ___, Due to the ___ ___ ___ in the computer.
Pull Down Design, 12V, Grounding
On ___ ___ ___ (PDD) door lock switches, there will be a supply and signal wire that'll show ___ on a DVM& a common ground. Activated by ___ with test light.
We can test a ___ lock switch by grounding the signal wire through a test light. A ___ switch connects the signal wire to power when activated.
Heavier, 0V, 100
Testing door panel switch ground. A common ground will be a ___ wire, DMM reads ___. On using the switch should rise slightly but no more then ___mV. This shows a good low resistance ground connection.
Bypass Test, Switch, Response, Integrity
A ___ ___ is using the test light to activate a component in place of the ___. This tests computer ___ and circuit ___.
Bypass, Drop
If testing for faulty switch. Do a ___ test, then confirm supply and ground is good with no voltage ___ on use. At which point we are good to replace switch
Test Light, Activate
Testing multiple wires on a door panel. We can deduce the switch signals by using a ___ ___ on them from power or ground to see what they ___.