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Alternator Test

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AC, Vehicle Speed Signal
Bad alternator diodes produce an ___ signal that can give a ___ ___ ___ fault / DTC as it produces a similiar signal.
BAT, 300
Diode test: Connect DVM directly to alternator ___ pole and battery ground, check AC is below ___mV at full load.
Voltage Drop, Ground, Running
Check ___ ___ on all power cables to bat positive and also the VD between alternator housing to bat ___ while vehicle is ___
Ground, KOER
Bulb circuit pin at aternator should be a ___ with KOEO and should be battery voltage when ___
Power, Grounded, Regulator
The battery warning bulb circuit gets ___ from ignition side and is ___ through the ___ as long as the alternator is not charging.
High, Exciter
Use a ___ resistance (5W) bulb as an ___ bulb, on turning ignition off a low resistance bulb (21W) can allow a power feed back into circuit keeping the motor alive when actually switched off.
Excited, Bulb, Equalising
The regulator is switched on (___) by the 12v available through the warning ___. Once the alternator is turning the regulator then connects the generated voltage to the bulb, ___ its VD, turning it off.
Charge, AC
A shorted battery cell won't take a ___, and causes a large ___ effect as system voltage rises and drops from alternator producing it while the vehicle tries to use it.
A low battery voltage at cranking can cause the ___-___ system to activate cutting off spark and injectors.
We can eliminate the alternator from our tests by simplying ___ its main cable and running the car on only the battery.
Diode, 300
A leaking alternator ___ will allow more AC to cross over to our DC circuit. Above ___mV AC at the alternator post is too high.
Alternator Post, Capacitor
We measure the AC at the ___ ___ as the battery is effectively a ___ and absords ripples, dampening the signal.
Amplified, 300
Leaking diodes will produce an ___ but regular AC signal, not random spikes. Once the average AC voltage is below ___mV then there is not a leaking diode.
AC, 1
At idle an alternator should produce a small repeating ___ signal at around 1250Hz, about every ___ms.
Doesn't, Alternator
Alternator scope images may show many spikes, caused by anything from diode manufacture, interferance etc. ___ mean a faulty ___.