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___ Volts is the lowest voltage allowed to keep CAN signals from dropping out
AC Signal
Smart battery testers use an ________ to test conductance of the battery cells.
The ______ value of a battery reflects the integrity of inter-cell connections, ionic conductivity of the electrolyte, specific gravity of the cell(s) and the actual battery state of charge
Internal Electrical Resistance
The test results are the product of the _____ ______ ______ of the battery, reflecting the mechanical and electro-chemical condition state of health
Ampere Hours
Battery capacity, rated ______ ______ is the ability of the battery to deliver a given current for a given period of time
Current Time
Ah is ______ x _______
Volts Current
Watts is _____ x _______
Lead Dioxide, Lead
During normal use (discharging) of a battery, sulphation of the L___ D___ (Positive plate), and L___ (Negative plate), occurs creating lead sulphate but reverses again when charging.
Acid, Lead Sulphate
Sulphation occurs when the sulphur in the A___ has left to form L___ S___ on the plates which when left too long crystalises and insulates the plates so it won't charge or discharge easily.
Crystalised, Sulphuric Acid
Charging a battery causes the C___ sulphur to detach from the plates and recombine into a S___ A___ solution to be used again as chemical energy.
Intelligent Battery System
A current sensing box on the ground wire of the battery means this vehicle uses IBS. Meaning ___ ___ ___
Alternator, Charge
With an IBS system the battery needs to be coded into the computer in order for the ___ to C___ it correctly.
16, Mechanical Resonance
To desulphate a heavily sulphated battery ___V is pulsed to it in a high frequency to induce M___ R___ of the crystals to break them down.
Deep Cycle
A fault in a smart charge alternator system will affect the ___ ___ (Desulphating) charging, reducing the life of an expensive battery.
Current, Temperature, Voltage
BMW use an IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor) that monitors the battery condition looking at its C___, T___ and V___
Battery, IBS
A BMW with; 1) check battery warning (for signal or function), 2) consumer power reduced or 3) a no start condition may be caused by a faulty ___ or a faulty ___ but not both
Aged, Discharged
When an energy diagnosis identifies the battery as "___" means the amount of energy ___ over its life has reached its maximum. Battery is worn out and needs to be changed.
State of Charge, State of Health
In a BMW intelligent battery system the terms SOC and SOH stand for:
A SoC numerical value of less then ___ (%) for the last 5 days means the battery is worn out
Undetermined, Battery
SoC text value of "___" do not indicate an error with the IBS but rather a worn out ___