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Air Conditioning

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Evaporator, Condenser, Dryer, Orifice
Refrigerant journey : ___ into compressor, then pumped to the ___, through the ___, then ___ and evaporator again.
Gas, Low, High, High
Refrigerant is sucked into compressor as a ___ from evaporator this creates the ___ pressure side, then pumped to the condensor creating the ___ pressure side & hence having a ___ temperature
Condenser, Liquid, Heat
The main fan blows air across the ___ causing the refrigerant to condense to a ___ from a gas as it gives up its ___ to the passing airflow.
Orifice, High, Low, Increasing
The ___ or metering device controls the flow of liquid so converting the ___ pressure to a ___ pressure by ___ the pipe volume.
Low, Boil, Heat
Entering the evaporator the ___ pressure refrigerant wants to change state to a gas and begins to ___ absorbing ___ from the air that is blown past it.
Higher, Oil, Black Death
Overcharging AC causes ___ temperatures, causing the ___ in the system to cook, causing compressor to fail in whats called "___ ___"
Not, Replace
Its ___ recommended to flush an AC system, but to ___ the common contaminant collecting components ie dryer
Sealant, Compressor
Too much ___ in an AC system is the most common cause of ___ premature failure. Shown by a build up of green sludge in compressor.
Low, Reduce
___ AC pressure will cause the compressor to turn on and off more often, this will ___ the fuel economy more then if the pump had stayed on.