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General Physics

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f = m a
Find Force
p = m v
Find Momentum (use p as rho)
Ek = 1/2 m v2
Find Kinetic Energy
Ep = m g h
Find Potential Energy
v = sqrt ( 2 g h )
Final Velocity of falling object (using sqrt function)
w = F s
Find mechanical Work (s is distance)
P = w / t
Find Power using work
P = p g h
Find Pressure at a point under water (use p as rho)
P = F / A
Find Pressure
v = sqrt ( 2 g h )
Velocity of water leaving bucket through hole (use sprt)
In a pipe, as velocity increases pressure at that point __________
Q = A V
Find Fluid flow rate Q
A = pi r2
Area of a pipe (use pi as pie)
F = m g sinx
Inclined Plane: Force Down Plane
F = m g cosx
Inclined Plane: Normal Force
F = -k x = m a
Hooke's Law: Force
t = F l = F r sinx
W = F d cosx
Work: By Force (no friction at an angle x)
W = #E - q
Work: Energy + Heat (where q is heat, E is total energy, # is Delta)
KE1 + PE1 = KE2 + PE2
Conservation of Energy (KE PE)
p = m / V
Density (p = rho)
SG = p(substance) / p(water)
Specific Gravity (equation where p = density of substance and water)
Specific Gravity (water 1 g/cm^3 = ? Kg / m^3)
P = p g y
Pressure (At rest in sealed container where y=depth of fluid from top & p = rho)
F1 / A1 = F2 / A2
Hydrolic Lift Equations (with area)
F1 d1 = F2 d2
Hydrolic Lift Equations (with distance)
l = 2 pi r
Circumference Circle (length = l pie=pi)
sinx = o / h
Find Sine of x in triangle
cosx = a / h
Find Cosine of x in triangle
tanx = o / a
Find Tangent of x in triangle
Shape, Surface area,Velocity
Air resistance of an object depends on S… S… V….
Sinx u = sqrt ( 2 g h )
Equation for peak height of object sinx (where initial velocity=u)
The ideal gas law states that pressure and ___ are directly related
If the temperature decreases so does the ___ (Ideal Gas Law)
In nature we don't see the temperature go to extremes when above sea level (low pressure) and below sea level (high pressure). This is due to the countering effect of ___ changing
If a volume of a gas is allowed to expand and contract when the ___ changes, this will counter the changes in temperature.