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Computer Circuit Components

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Base, Collector, Emitter
Name the transistor parts
Zener diode
Operates in breakdown region. Used in voltage regulators
Darlington pair
Consists of two transistors wired together. This arrangement permits a very small current flow to control a large current flow.
Zener effect
Occurs when the intensity of the electric field becomes high enough to dislodge valence electrons in a reverse biased diode
Zener regulator
A circuit consisting of power supply or DC input voltage connected to a series resistor and a zener diode.
Zener diode
A ___ ___ blocks current flow until a certain voltage is reached, then it permits current to flow.
Diodes, Resistors
Spike protection ___ or ___ are used in computer circuits to prevent damage from the collapse of electromagnetic fields when coil circuits open.
___ or clamping diodes or used in the plug of the AC solenoid or in relays to protect against sprikes from coil winding collapse when switched off
Transistor, Base
A relay can only be on or off, a ___ is also a switch but can provide a variable output if the ___ is supplied a variable current input.
85, 86
Low-current circuit of a relay is the coil - terminals ___ and ___
Base, Emitter
Low-current circuit of a transistor is the ___ and ___
30, 87
High-current circuit of a relay is the main contact - terminals ___ and ___
Collector, Emitter
High-current circuit of the transistor is the ___ and ___
Amplify, Regulate, Switch
A transistor is a semiconductor device that can do 3 things; ___ current, ___ the current or an electrical ___
Field-effect transistors
Are the most common type of automotive transister, they use less electrical current and rely mostly on the strength of a small voltage signal to control the output.
Drain, Gate, Source
The three terminals of a field-effect transistor (FET) are called the ___ ___ ___
Most FETs are constructed of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) materials, these FETs are called ___
MOSFETs are highly sensitive to ___ electricity and can be easily damaged if exposed to excessive current or high-voltage surges or spikes.
Base, 0.6
If the ___ voltage is at least a ___ volt difference from that of the emitter, the transistor will turn on
Gate, Series
A ___ is an electronic circuit whose output depends on the location and voltage of two inputs. AND gates use 2 transistors in ___
The middle part of a transistor that is lightly doped and controls the current flow between the collector and emitter
Bridge rectifier
Made up of four diodes and is the most common type of rectifier circuit.
It gathers the carriers sent into the base by the emitter.
The terminal of a field effect transistor that corresponds to the collector of a bipolar junction transistor
Duty Cycle
The width of a pulse divided by the period between pulses.
The source of carriers in a transistor.
Field-effect Transistor
A transistor that depends on the action of an electric field to control its conductivity
Full-wave Rectifier
A rectifier with a center-tapped secondary winding and two diodes that act as back to back half-wave rectifiers.
The terminal of a field-effect transistor that controls drain current. Also, the terminal of the thyristor used to turn on the device
Half-wave rectifier
A rectifier with only one diode in series with the load resistor.
IC voltage regulator
An intergrated circuit designed to maintain an almost constant output voltage under varying input voltage and load currents
Intergrated circuit (IC)
A device that contains its own transistors, resistors, and diodes.
Refers to a pure semiconductor
Junction transistor
A transister that has three alternate sections of p-type and n-type materials
Passive filter
A filter built using resistors, capaciters, and inductors without using amplfication devices.
Power FET
An E-MOSFET designed to handle the necessary current levels for controlling motors, lamps, and switching power supplies as compared to low-power E MOSFET used in digital circuits
The termial of a field effect transistor comparable to the emitter of a bipolar junction transistor