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Petrol Injectors

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Zener Diode
The component that allows ECUs to 'dump' excess voltage ie the spike after the collapse of a magnetic field in an injector is often capped at 80v
Fuel, Varnish
If a car is sitting up the ___ evaporates and a ___ is left behind that can cause injectors to stick closed
Fuel Pressure, 1.5
Injector Balance Test - use ___ ___ gauge and actuate each injector once with KOEO, to compare the PSI drop between them. No more then ___psi difference.
MAP, Pressure
It is possible to fit a ___ sensor to the fuel regulating valve to show ___ changes in the rail using a scope
Injector voltage spike should reach at least ___v
Coil, Ramp, Pintle Hump, Interruption, Amp
Injector Current Scope Test: check for ___ ringing, consistent ___, ___ ___ after 50% of dwell time, quick ___, ___ usage all the same.
Ground, Coil
Injector Voltage Scope Test: a good ___ shows good PCM driver operation, above 60V induced shows a healthy ___
Ground, Driver
If an injector is switched on but doesn't fully ground. Points to bad PCM ___ or ___
80, 100, Coil
Petrol injectors should be inducing a voltage spike between ___v to ___v+ . Anything below 60v points to a ___ fault.
Shorted, Current
If a PCM driver becomes faulty we have to test the coil it drives. Since a ___ injector will burn out a PCM transistor by overloading it with ___ hence heat.