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Pressure Sensors

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Speed Density
An engine that relies on a MAP sensor to calculate engine load is referred to as a ___ ___ system
The ___ sensor is the primary input in a Speed Density System. PCM calculates kg of air based on engine speed (rpm) and air density (from pressure).
Ideal Gas, Moles
In a Speed Density System the MAP pressure signal is used with the ___ ___ Law to calculate the ___ of gas present so the relevant amount of fuel can be injected.
Stoichiometric, 14.7
Knowing the moles (n) of gas present in a cylinder measn the PCM can set the quantity of fuel to keep the system ___ where 1 part of fuel is to ___ parts oxygen
The both times that the MAP sensor is used as a Baro for the PCM to check current atmospheric pressure, are ___ and ___ (on a NA engine)
4.5V, Decreases
MAP voltage at KOEO(NA) should be ___ at sea level. As pressure decreases our voltage ___
Load, Timing, Baro, EGR
MAP sensor has 5 functions; main input for engine ___ and spark ___, measures intake manifold pressure, used as the ___ and monitors ___ operation
NA systems that used both MAP and ___, will use the ___ to only monitor EGR
LOW psi (vacuum) causes ___ voltage or frequency from the MAP
High psi causes ___ voltage or frequency from the MAP