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Properties of Fuel

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Viscosity is a measure of the ___ of a fluid.
Thick fluid like treacle, has a ___ viscosity, water has a ___ viscosity
High, Low
The measure of temperature at which the vapors above the liquid can be ignited
The flashpoint of petrol needs to be ___ but its autoignition temperature should be ___ to keep from predetonating
Low, High
Flashpoint temperature of petrol is around ___ and its autoignition temperature is around ___
-45, 280
The higher the ___ ___ (ON) the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating (igniting).
Octane Number
Petrol knocking or pinging can occur from a fuel with a ___ octane number
The ___ sensor can detect detonation and retard ignition to protect the engine
Flashpoint of diesel is around ___, autoignition of diesel is around ___
50, 250
___ ___ or CN is an indicator of the combustion speed of diesel fuel
Cetane Number
The higher the CN the more ___ the diesel fuel will ___ in a compression setting
Easily, Combust
Diesel "knock" occurs when fuel, that has been injected into the cylinder, ignites after a ___ causing a late ___ ___
Delay, Shock Wave
___-cetane fuel usually causes an engine to run more smoothly and quietly