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VRLA Batteries

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Flooded batteries
Traditional batteries are called ___ ___
AGM & Gel
2 types of VRLA sealed battery are the ____ & ____ type
Valve Regulated Lead Acid
VRLA stands for
Glass mat separator material
AGM Batteries - the lead plates are suspended in a ___ ___ ___ ___ providing structure and support
Gel-like immobile electrolyte
Gel Cell Batteries - the lead plates are suspended in a ___-___ ___ ___ to reduce movement
Absorbed Glass Mat
AGM stands for ___ ___ ___
Silica fume
What is the gelling agent used in Gel Cell batteries ___ ___
Deep Cycles
VRLA batteries can go through more ___ ___ then a regulary lead acid battery
Sealed Lead Acid
SLA stands for
Side, Spillproof
Gel and AGM fall under SLA type and can be used on their ____ as they are _______
Discharged, Over-Charged
Flooded batteries become unusable if left in a _____ state or continually ______-_____
Recombination, Hydrogen, Oxygen
VRLA uses ______ reaction to prevent escape of _____ and ______
Discharging, Over-Charging
VRLA batteries have high tolerance against deep _____ but not _____
Smart Charge, Current
The altenator of a VLRA battery needs to use _____ ______ technology to provide consistent ________