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Cylinder Head Glossary

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Valve Head
Top portion of the valve
Valve Face
Beveled portion of the valve head
The narrow rim on the circumference between the face and top part of valve
Valve Seat
Beveled surface on the block or cylinder
The Block
What part of the engine contains the valve seats in an L-head engine?
Valve Spring
What causes the valve to close
The Lobe
Which part of the camshaft actually opens the valve? ___ ___
Valves Don't Overheat
Why is it so important to have the correct valve operating clearance? So the ___ ___ ___
Delayed Closing Engine Performance
What effect would weak valve springs have on engine performance? ___ ___ reduces ___ ____ at higher speeds
Rocker arm
A part which is used by camshaft movement to open and close the intake and exhaust valves.